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a) Looks like a reversed P
b) Looks like a u-turn arrow
c) Looks like a paintbrush
d) Looks like a clip-board

To combine multiple adjacent cells together in Excel to create one large cell you _____________ .
a) Conjoin
b) Align
c) Merge
d) Combine

In a _______________ letter all lines start flush with the left margin.
a) modified block style
b) block style
c) persuasive style
d) personal style

Thea's computer has 1GB of RAM; Clae's computer has 864 MB of RAM. Who has more RAM?
a) Clae has more RAM
b) Thea has more RAM
c) They both have the same amount of RAM
d) Neither because RAM is measured in MHz and GHz

The correct paragraph spacing for a letter is
a) Single space (1.0) with zero(0) pts after
b) Multiple space (1.5) with zero (0) pts after
c) Single space (1.0) with ten (10) pts after
d) Multiple space (1.5) with ten (10) pts after

In a Business letter the second address belongs to
a) the recipient
b) the supplier
c) the sender
d) none of the above

Excel what would a function look like to add cells A1, A2, A3 and A4?
a) =A1+A4
b) =SUM(A1,A4)
c) =SUM(A1:A4)
d) :SUM(A1:A4)

What does the key combination Alt + Tab do?
a) Closes the active program
b) Switches between open windows
c) Maximizes the active program
d) Brings up the Windows Start Menu

What cleaning material should you use to clean an LCD screen
a) Always use glass cleaner
b) Isopropyl alcohol and two parts water
c) Lysol
d) A dry paper towel

Which of the following is an example of magnetic storage media
a) Hard Drive
b) DVD
c) CD
d) USB Flash Drive

The empty space after a closing in a letter is for
a) Your printed name
b) Your reference initials
c) Your signature
d) Your title

When you save a file using the Save As command, all of the following can be changed except?
a) File location
b) File size
c) File format
d) File name

Jarrous has an AMD Phenom X3 running at 2.8GHz. Dillion has a computer with an Intel Quad-core processor running at 2.4 GHz. Which CPU is faster with its processing power?
a) Neither CPU is better than the other
b) Both CPUs are equal
c) Jarraous's CPU
d) Dillion's CPU

The default orientation for documents in MS Word
a) Portrait
b) Landscape
c) Verticle
d) Horizontal

The point where a row and column meet in MS Excel
a) Insertion Point
b) Formula Bar
c) Cell
d) Name Bar

Speed of a computer is measured by:
a) GHz
b) GB
c) TeraBytes
d) Cycles

The latest computer operating system for Mac computers
a) Apple
b) IOS 8.12
c) OSX
d) Windows 8.1

In Excel numbers that extend beyond a cell's width appear as a ___________ in the cell.
a) ###########
b) ???????????
c) ************
d) +++++++++++

Which of the following is NOT an example of a Salutation used in a Business Letter?
a) To Whom it May Concern
b) Dear Peter Pratt
c) To my Boo Thang
d) Dear Sir or Madam

New Orleans AND Saints is an example of which kind of search?
a) Wildcard Searching
b) Phrase Searching
c) Boolean Searching
d) Meta Searching

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