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the large area of western NC that was settled by small farmers was known as...
a) Cape Fear
b) tidewater
c) Albemarle
d) backcountry

What crop was especially useful to North Carolinians?
a) beans
b) peas
c) corn
d) squash

Most North Carolinians in the colonial period made their living in...
a) industry
b) tourism
c) agriculture
d) fishing

Someone who moves to another country is called what...
a) immigrant
b) migrater
c) foreigner
d) mover

Slaves worked in the eastern (coastal plains, tidewater) part of colonial Carolina on large cash-crop farms called...
a) gardens
b) planting villages
c) plantations
d) cash-crop lands

the largest group in colonial NC were...
a) plantation owners
b) merchants/traders
c) gentry
d) small farmers

Eastern plantations owners were in which group...
a) small farmers
b) slaves
c) gentry
d) apprentices

children that learned a trade from a skilled worker were...
a) small farmers
b) apprentices
c) slaves
d) gentry

crops that are grown to sell for profit are called...
a) money crops
b) cash crops
c) profit crops
d) seller crops

German-speaking Protestants wanting to worship freely in NC...
a) Pennsylvania Dutch
b) Highland Scots
c) Scots-Irish
d) Native Americans

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