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North Carolina's oldest town...
a) New Bern
b) Bath
c) Wilmington
d) Raleigh

most infamous NC pirate...
a) Edward Hyde
b) Edward Teach
c) Stede Bonnet
d) Earl Granville

revolt of Carolina colonists against the Navigation Acts in 1676...
a) Popular Party
b) Calpiper's Revolt
c) Culpeper's Rebellion
d) American Revolution

English laws that limited who American colonies could trade with...
a) factions
b) naval stores
c) Navigation Acts
d) Aviation Acts

First governor of NC in 1712...
a) Edward Teach
b) Gabriel Johnston
c) Earl Granville
d) Edward Hyde

groups that oppose (go against) one another...
a) rebels
b) factions
c) factors
d) fractions

When the King of England took control of NC in 1729, North Carolina became a...
a) royal colony
b) charter colony
c) proprietary colony
d) state

Native American tribe with whom NC colonists fought in the early 1700s...
a) Tatanka
b) Tawmahawk
c) Tuscarora
d) Waccamaw

Carolina's major resource of the colonial period that came from pine trees...
a) naval stores
b) fur
c) fish
d) quitrents

group that ruled Carolina to make a profit from quitrents (land taxes)...
a) Massachusetts Bay Company
b) Lords Proprietors
c) Quakers
d) Tuscarora

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