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What is water below the surface called?
a) Ground water
b) Cave water
c) Water table
d) Surface water

What is water you can see called?
a) Ground water
b) Surface water
c) Cave water
d) Aquifer

What is the space below ground that can store water for our use called?
a) Cave
b) Tank
c) Aquifer
d) rock

Which way to farmers pollute the water?
a) Oil spills
b) Land fills
c) Pesticides and fertilizers
d) Manure

Which of these is not surface water?
a) Aquifer
b) stream
c) river
d) puddle

What do you call the place where all the water drains to in an area of land?
a) river
b) Aquifer
c) Watershed
d) Water table

When the ground is saturated and the water moves along the surface it is called
a) trickle down
b) Water shed
c) Water table
d) Runoff

Which is not a way water is polluted?
a) Soaking into the aquifer
b) Insecticides
c) Oil
d) Landfills

What is convection?
a) When cold air goes up and hot air goes down.
b) When hot air goes up and cold air goes down.
c) When both hot and cold air go up.
d) When both hot and cold air go down.

Wind is formed when:
a) air blows from space.
b) clouds move to block the sun
c) hot air rises and cold air moves in to replace it.
d) cold air rises and hot air moves in to replace it.

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