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5x - 8 = 7
a) x = 3
b) x = 2
c) x = -3
d) x = 9

-2(4x - 5) + 6x - 4 = -5(x + 7)
a) x = 49/9
b) x = -41/3
c) x = 16/3
d) x = -26/3

solve this system. x + y = 3 2x - y = 9
a) x = 4.5, y = -1.5
b) x = 4, y = -1
c) x = -1, y = 4
d) x = 1, y = 3

Which of the following is NOT true about rate of change?
a) Rate of change tells us how steep the line will be.
b) A constant rate of change always goes with a linear function.
c) Rate of change measures change in y over change in x.
d) Rate of change does not mean the same thing as slope, because R.o.C. is done on a table and slope is done on a graph.

In a triangle, one interior angle measures 15 degrees and another measures 47 degrees. What is the measure of the third angle?
a) 28 degrees
b) 180 degrees
c) 118 degrees
d) 128 degrees

In a right triangle, the hypotenuse has a value of 30 inches and the base has a value of 7 inches. How tall is the triangle?
a) about 29.1 inches tall
b) about 30.80 inches tall
c) about 29.2 inches tall
d) about 30.81 inches tall

Two lines cross each other, creating 4 angles. One of the angles measures 28 degrees. What do the other 3 angles measure?
a) 28 degrees, 152 degrees, 152 degrees
b) 28 degrees, 62 degrees, 62 degrees
c) 28 degrees, 28 degrees, 62 degrees
d) 28 degrees, 28 degrees, 152 degrees

Which of the following sets of numbers could be the dimensions of a right triangle?
a) a = 12, b = 16, c = 20
b) a = 2, b = 3, c = 5
c) a = 10, b = 13, c = 38
d) a = 2, b = 4, c = 6

In a right triangle, the base = 8cm and the height = 10 cm. What is the value of the hypotenuse?
a) 6 cm
b) about 12.80 cm
c) 13 cm
d) about 12.81 cm

What does an r-value of -0.9954 mean about the data set?
a) You have a very strong positive correlation.
b) You have a very strong negative correlation.
c) Correlation is so strong that you can also assume causation.
d) Being a negative number means the trend line is a bad fit for the data.

Which of these function rules is a direct variation?
a) y = x + 5
b) y = 2x - 7
c) y = -3x
d) y = 18 / x

y = 0.99x - 2, where x is the number of MP3 files purchased and y is the final cost of your purchase. Which of these is NOT a possible meaning for the y-intercept?
a) You start at -2 MP3's.
b) Your online account had a $2 credit in it, so you will get to take off that $2 from today's purchase.
c) You have an online coupon code that will give you $2 your total purchase.
d) The website is giving new customers a $2 savings on your first purchase for setting up an account.

y = 0.99x - 2, where x is the number of MP3 files purchased and y is the final cost of your purchase. What does the slope tell you about the problem?
a) You only get 0.99 of an MP3 each time.
b) You have to buy more than 2 MP3's.
c) You spend $0.99 on MP3's.
d) You spend $0.99 more for every 1 MP3 you buy.

In the function rule y = 4x - 6, what does the slope tell me to do?
a) Go down 6 spaces, over 1 space right.
b) Go up 1 space, over 4 spaces right.
c) Go up 4 spaces, over 1 space right.
d) Go down one space, over 6 spaces right.

The slope measures.....
a) The change in time compared to change in height.
b) The steepness and direction of a line.
c) The pattern in the y-column of a table.
d) Where a linear function starts on a graph.

To calculate the slope you would find...
a) the change in y values divided by the change in x values.
b) the change in x values divided by the change in y values.
c) what you add to each x to get each y.
d) what you would multiply to each x to get each y.

If -x is greater than 5, then
a) x is less than 5
b) x is less than -5
c) x is greater than -5
d) x is greater than 5

Candy canes cost $1.50 each to buy, and chocolate moose munch bags cost $3.50 each. You have no more than $10 to spend. Which of these is NOT a possible solution?
a) 2 candy canes, 2 bags of moose munch.
b) 8 candy canes, 2 bags of moose munch
c) 3 candy canes, 1 bag of moose munch
d) 6 candy canes, 4 bags of moose munch

Two angles are complementary. One of the angles is 40 degrees. What is the other angle?
a) 50 degrees
b) 40 degrees
c) 140 degrees
d) 320 degrees

Two angles are supplementary. One of the angles is 57 degrees. What is the other angle?
a) 57 degrees
b) 33 degrees
c) 123 degrees
d) 303 degrees

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