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“Don’t vote for Joseph DiMato! He’s a liar and a cheat!” This is an example of which type of propaganda?
a) bandwagon
b) name calling
c) testimonia

Testimonials use
a) mean names to call one another
b) celebrities to endorse products
c) people’s desire to “join in” to persuade people

Which of the following is an opinion?
a) Christmas is in December.
b) The Lakers basketball team plays in Los Angeles, California.
c) The capital of South Carolina is Columbia.
d) I think basketball is the best sport in the world.

If you write a science paper, is it better to support your argument with facts or opinions?
a) facts
b) opinions

When you try to persuade someone, you
a) agree with whatever that person says
b) try to get the person to disagree with you
c) try to influence that person

A fact is
a) what someone feels
b) what someone feels
c) something that can be proven
d) what someone thinks

Michael Jordan doing a commercial for Nike sneakers is an example of which type of propaganda?
a) name calling
b) testimonial
c) bandwagon
d) plain speak

Which of the following is a type of propaganda?
a) bribery
b) bandwagon
c) plain speak
d) compliments

Which of the following is a fact?
a) I think Lena is the smartest girl in the entire school.
b) I think Lena is the prettiest girl in the entire school
c) Lena is 5’6” tall and has brown eyes.
d) Everyone feels that Lena is the fastest girl on the track team.

a) can never change; they are always the same no matter what.
b) can change with how someone thinks
c) can change with how someone feels
d) can change as long as they can still be proven

Which of the following phrases would you find in an opinion?
a) I believe
b) nvestigation confirms
c) Evidence verifies
d) Research proves

Fact or opinion? “Rabbits are mammals.”
a) fact
b) opinion

“Join the Pepsi Generation!” is an example of which type of propaganda?
a) plain speak
b) bandwagon
c) testimonial
d) name calling

An opinion is
a) something that can be shown with research
b) what someone thinks or feels about something
c) something that can be demonstrated in an experiment
d) something that can be proven rated in an experiment

Name calling propaganda is intended to
a) damage a person’s reputation
b) make someone want to join the crowd
c) be used only by politicians
d) make someone feel good

Persuasion often relies on a.
a) people's ages
b) being able to join in with the crowd
c) people’s emotions
d) people's educations join in with the crowd

A claim is
a) the argument you’re trying to make
b) when celebrities endorse products
c) a fact
d) an opinion

Is this statement a fact or opinion? “I think reality television negatively influences teenagers.”
a) fact
b) opinion

When advertisers use bandwagon propaganda, they try to convince their audiences to
a) buy their products because they would be good Americans who support their country
b) buy their products because celebrities are buying them
c) buy their products because everyone else is buying them
d) buy their products because advertisers threaten their audiences with mean names

Name calling is also called _____________ when politicians use it during campaigns.
a) bandwagon
b) plain speak
c) testimonial
d) mud-slinging

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