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Turner almost wished that he hadn't listened to the radio. He went to the closet and grabbed his umbrella. He would fell silly carrying it to the bus stop on such a sunny morning . Which probably happened?
a) Turner realized that he had an unnatural fear of falling radio parts.
b) Turner had promised himeself to do something silly that monring.
c) Turner planned to trade his umbrella for a bus ride.
d) Turner planed to trade his umbrella for a bus ride.

Larry, as your boss, I must say that it's been intesting working with you, Miss Valdez said. But, it seems that our company's needs are not well matched. Therefore, it makes me very sad to have to ask you to resigne your position effective today.
a) a. She would feel really bad if he decided to quit.
b) b. He was being fire.
c) C. He war getting a raise in pay
d) D. She really enjoyed having him in office.

Bill and Jessica were almost done taking turns choosing players for their teams. It wss Jessica's turn to choose, and only Kurt was left. Jessica said, Kurt. We can infer that...
a) Kurt was not a good player.
b) Jessica was pleased to have Kurt on her team.
c) Kurt was the best playing on either team.
d) Jessica was inconsiderate of Kurt's feelings.

The concord contains the root -cord, which means heart. What does concord mean?
a) The middle
b) Agreement or harmony with
c) Two hearts
d) group of musical notes

What does the suffix -ment mean in the word requirement?
a) against
b) tending to
c) the act of
d) never having

Which of the following answer choices is an example of direct characterization?
a) a. Anna reached down and helped the up when he was knocked down in the hall.
b) b. Anna goes to the animal shelter every Saturday and volunteers with the pets.
c) c. Anna is a kind and caring young lady.
d) d. During the holidays, Anna collects toys and clothes for the children's orphanage

Which of the following is an internal conflict?
a) a. Jason struggled to keep car on the road during the tornado.
b) b. Maria sturuggled to overcome her fear of heights
c) c. Taylor fought with his brothers about who got to use the video game first.
d) d. Lisa was the only person in her class not invited to the birthday party.

Which of the following would be example of personification?
a) a. The little birds chiriped in the rose bushes along the time.
b) b. The car drove slowly through the forest.
c) c. The tiger yawn and stretched in its cage
d) d.The alarm clocked screamed, breaking the silence of the predown darkness.

Which of the following is a metaphor?
a) a. Her laugh was like the tinkling of tiny bells.
b) b. His arms were as thick as tree trunks.
c) c. The wolves' eyes were glowing embers.
d) d. The sharks circled like a tornado when they smelled blood in the water.

Which of the following is a simile?
a) a. The sun was like an orb of liquid gold in the late afternoon sky.
b) b. The water rushed quickly through the stream.
c) c. He always did well in school, like the time he made a 98 on an ELA test.
d) d. Her hair was a ravens wing; black and silly.

Sally promised she would never again disobey her mother. Which part of the plot pyramid/mountain would this be part of?
a) a. Exposition
b) b. Rising Action
c) c. Climax
d) d. Resolution

Derek slowly opened the door to the attic. As he looked in, his heart stopped. This was not what he expected to find. Which part of the plot pyramid/mountain would this be part of?
a) a. Exposition
b) b. Rising Action
c) c. Climax
d) d. Resolution

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