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German battle strategy that called for quick defeat of France in the west and then attacking Russia in the east:
a) Triple Alliance
b) Schlieffen Plan
c) Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
d) Trench Warfare

Futile is defined as incapable of producing any useful result; pointless. Why might ‘futile’ be a good description of trench warfare?
a) It illustrates the terrible nature of war
b) It illustrates how the idea of fighting war was flawed
c) It illustrates how pointless trench warfare was because it consisted of soldiers with little or no protection attacking a we
d) It illustrates how smart trench warfare was because of the new weaponry

The Treaty of Versailles was designed primarily to punish Germany for its responsibility for World War I. In what way did the treaty hurt the German economy?
a) It called for the formation of the League of Nations
b) It allowed Germany to rebuild its military, which led to overspending
c) It encouraged the United States to withdraw from world affairs into isolationism
d) It forced Germany to pay a huge sum of money for war damages

The main purpose of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points at the end of World War I, in relation to Germany, was to:
a) Assist the leaders of Europe to gain additional territory at Germany’s expense
b) Assure peace in the future by not destroying Germany as a nation or it's ability to recover
c) Divide Germany into several parts so it would not be a threat in the future
d) Gain reparations from Germany to help pay for the cost of the war

New warship introduced by the Germans that used underwater missiles:
a) The Lusitania
b) U-boats
c) German flotilla
d) The USS Maine

Why did Lenin flee Russia following the failed rebellion?
a) The government spread the rumor that he was a German spy
b) He had assassinated the Czar and needed to hide
c) He went to be with his secret lover in England
d) There was a dictator coming to power who wanted him dead

World War I was more destructive than earlier wars for what reason?
a) Armies were more ruthless
b) It lasted longer than any other war ever
c) Modern 20 th century weapons were more deadly
d) Airplanes could drop atomic bombs

New weapon that caused blindness, blisters, and choking.
a) Poison gas
b) Machine Gun
c) Tank
d) No Man’s Land

The international organization created to preserve the peace after World War I was the
a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
b) United Nations (UN)
c) Organization of American States
d) League of Nations

Name for the battlefield between France and Germany:
a) Western Front
b) Eastern Front
c) Paris
d) Poland

What happened to the Czar Nicolas II?
a) He was killed in WWI
b) Lenin assassinated him
c) He was killed during a mutiny
d) He stepped down

Which of the following is not characteristic of a communist society?
a) No class gap
b) Vote for leaders
c) Government controls all property
d) People work for a profit

What was the main intention of the alliances formed among European nations before WWI?
a) To create trading opportunities
b) To discourage attacks from other nations
c) To isolate the United States
d) To increase tensions in Europe

Which of the following government types was set up when Lenin first came to power?
a) Communist
b) Socialist
c) Democratic
d) Feudal

Which country was not part of the Big Three who made most of the decisions at the Peace Conference?
a) France
b) Russia
c) Great Britain
d) The United States

Why did the first attempt at a revolution in Russia fail?
a) The military was too strong and crushed it
b) There was only one revolution, and it succeeded
c) The government arrested those in charge
d) It was unorganized and poorly planned

The Zimmerman Note was a secret telegram sent by Germany to the leaders of Mexico. Why did the Zimmerman Note cause outrage among Americans?
a) It revealed that Mexico was getting ready to enter the war on the German side
b) It promised Mexico that Germany would help it reclaim territory in the United States if it attacked the United States to kee
c) Zimmerman was passing American secrets to Germany with the help of Mexican leaders
d) The telegram contained secret messages sent by American leaders to its commanders on European battlefields

Which of the following was the first event which sparked the Russian Revolution to begin?
a) Soldiers at a base rebel
b) Workers strike for more bread
c) The Czar sends the military to stop protests
d) Russia loses WWI

Which of the following cause the US to enter the war?
a) They had a treaty with Britain.
b) The Germans attacked one of their colonies.
c) The French asked them for assistance on the western front.
d) British intelligence intercepted the Zimmerman Telegram.

Which of the following men developed theories which related to communism and socialism?
a) Steve Jobs
b) Socrates
c) Czar Nicolas II
d) Karl Marx

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