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Earth Movers, Inc., uses dynamite to prepare land for highway projects. Strict liability is imposed on this activity because
a) the activity is of a dangerous nature
b) Earth Movers is a corporation
c) the activity is inherently negligent
d) the government pays for highway construction.

In an emergency situation, Milena, an emergency medical technician, renders aid to Lothar, who needs help. Lother would most likely be prohibited from suing Milena for negligence under
a) a Good Samaritan statute
b) any circumstances
c) a social host statute
d) no circumstances

Beth is injured in a car accident and sues Cash, alleging negligence. Cash claims that Beth was driving more carelessly than he was. Comparative negligence may reduce Beth's recovery
a) even if Beth was only slightly at fault
b) only if Beth was as equally at fault as Cash
c) only if Beth was less at fault than Cash
d) only if Beth was more at fault than Cash

Clyde enters Desert Decathlon, an athletic competition in which Clyde has often competed. Regarding the risk of injury, Clyde assumes the risks
a) normally associated with the Decathlon
b) attributable to the Decathlon in any way
c) different from the risks normally associated with the Decathlon
d) greater than the risks normally associated with the Decathlon

John sees that Kris is about to step into the path of an oncoming bus. If John doesn't warn Kris of the danger, John is liable
a) under no circumstances
b) only if Kris is injured
c) only if Kris is not injured
d) regardless of the consequences to Kris

Driving his SUV negligently, Bart crashes into a streetlight. The streetlight falls, smashing through the roof of a house, killing Chris. But for Bart's negligence, Chris wouldn't have died. Regarding the death, the crash is the
a) cause in fact
b) intervening cause
c) proximate cause
d) superseding cause

Leon files a suit against Moira, a medical doctor, alleging negligence. As a physician, Moira is held to the standard of
a) a reasonable physician
b) a blameless individual
c) a faultless ordinary person
d) a reliable professional

Nick sees Opal, a stranger in peril, but doesn't attempt to rescue her. Opal could successfully sue Nick for
a) nothing
b) negligence per se
c) a violation of the danger invites rescue doctrine
d) a violation of the Good Samaritan statute

Sam, an engineer, supervises the construction of a new bridge. When the bridge collapses due to faulty construction, Sam is sued by those injured in the collapse. As a professional, Sam is held to the same standard of case as
a) other engineers
b) ordinary persons
c) other professionals, including doctors, dentists, and lawyers
d) those injured in the collapse of the bridge

As the owner of the building that has poor sidewalks, Roy has a duty to
a) repair the sidewalks
b) do nothing
c) arrange to escort anyone who walks onto the property
d) repair the sidewalks only if it is notified that it is a problem

As a landlord of the building, when a prospective tenant asks about the size of an apartment, Ray has a duty to
a) supply correct information
b) arrange to correct the rent to match the tenant's ability to pay
c) do nothing
d) tell tenants what they want to hear even if it is not correct

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