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The Whiskey Rebellion was a _________ protest against taxes
a) peaceful
b) joyous
c) violent
d) exciting

Native Americans asked to Spain and _________ to help stop Americans from moving on their land.
a) America
b) France
c) Prussia
d) Britain

One benefit of the National Bank was...
a) that it helped the rich get richer
b) a single American currency was created
c) it gave Samuel Adams a job.
d) Thomas Jefferson's favorite project

The XYZ Affair was when __________ tried to bribe the United States.
a) France
b) Great Britain
c) Spain
d) Poland

This vocabulary word means to firmly favor one political party over another.
a) bond
b) partisan
c) cabinet
d) nullify

This word is a group of advisers to the president.
a) cubbord
b) Senate
c) cabinet
d) Congress

Hamilton felt that the U.S. needed to pay the full value of these certificates that promise to repay borrowed money, if the U.S. was to look responsible.
a) account
b) checks
c) contracts
d) bonds

To legally overturn is...
a) nullify
b) bond
c) state's rights
d) partisan

The idea that states should have all powers that the Constitution does not give to the federal government
a) federal rights
b) state's rights
c) national rights
d) Merry Christmas

The first 10 Amendments is called the ...
a) Magna Carta
b) Fundamental Orders of Conneticut
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Bill of Rights

The Alien and Sedition Acts were
a) strongly supported by the Democratic-Republican party
b) passed to increase immigration
c) strongly supported by the Federalist Party
d) passed to strengthen the nation's

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