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Why would a cell need centrioles?
a) to get energy
b) to make proteins
c) to divide
d) to move

The cell membrane is also called the...
a) phospholipid bilayer
b) cell wall
c) cell envelope
d) lipid protein

A cell can be identified by its...
a) flagella
b) nucleolus
c) marker proteins
d) receptor proteins

Which does not have to do with transport in a cell?
a) cilia
b) flagella
c) vesicle
d) vacuole

Prokaryotes have this, but eukaryotes do not...
a) cytoplasm
b) ribosomes
c) cell membrane
d) cell wall

The protein fibers which support the organelles...
a) cytoplasm
b) cytoskeleton
c) cell membrane
d) receptor proteins

A protein used to transmit information across the cell membrane...
a) receptor
b) marker
c) channel
d) RER

Detoxification of substances is accomplished by...
a) SER
b) vacuole
c) vesicle
d) lysosomes and SER

Vesicles transport materials away from the...
a) RER
b) SER
c) Golgi body
d) nucleus

If a prokaryote has no nucleus, does that mean it has no DNA?
a) yes
b) no
c) um idk
d) don't pick me

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