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Which of the following describes the dome where Brock lives?
a) robots follow everyone around like pets
b) walls and floors are painted to look like trees
c) the sky is open and appears to be limitless
d) everything there is controlled by technology

What does 'posterity' mean?
a) future generations
b) street advertising
c) vivid memories
d) successful business

If the food at a party is 'copious' it is
a) delicious
b) plentiful
c) expensive
d) unusual

What is 'reproof?'
a) reward for an action
b) respect for a parent
c) clue to a crime
d) criticism for a fault

Someone who is 'languishing' is living in a state of
a) luxury
b) sadness
c) excitement
d) confusion

What does 'evasive' mean?
a) hoping to succees
b) starting to wonder
c) trying to avoid
d) asking to join

The last thing Brock does in the story is
a) turn off his scanner
b) drink fresh water from a brook
c) choose to bring Brog home with him
d) bite Brog hard on the tail

When Brock first finds the puppy, the puppy is
a) sleeping
b) eating
c) crying
d) running

How was Brock raised as a child?
a) without a mother
b) inside a spaceship
c) on another planet
d) with many pet dogs

Which of the following describes the place where Brock lives?
a) a spaceship
b) a dome
c) an apartment
d) a hospital

Before Brock goes outside for the first time he
a) studies dogs in school
b) runs away from home
c) meets a stray puppy
d) asks permission to leave

Which event takes place before Brock meets the dog?
a) scientists check the dog's health
b) Brock decides to leave home forever
c) scientists plan to experiment on the dog
d) Brock asks permission to go outside

Brock brings Brog into the dome because he
a) is very worried that Brog will starve to death
b) wants to do research on this particular breed of dog
c) hopes to impress scientists there by bringing in a dog
d) has always wanted a pet dog for himself

The people in Brock's world
a) dream of leaving the dome to live in the outside world
b) use technology to design weapons to use against one another
c) try to avoid forming any emotional attachments
d) admire people who show independence and spirit

Brock bites Brog on the tail because he
a) is angry with Brog's behavior
b) wants to leave the dome
c) feels sick and confused
d) wants to train her to fight back

Someone who is 'foresighted' is able to
a) see objects clearly
b) wear reading glasses
c) draw logical conclusions
d) prepare for the future

A 'disembodied' voice is a voice
a) inside the mind
b) within a crowd
c) beyond the imagination
d) lacking a body

What is a 'foray'?
a) an elegant outfit
b) the lobby of a modern building
c) a brief trip into an unknown area
d) the first event in a series

What is the meaning of 'evasive'?
a) trying to avoid
b) revealing the truth
c) proving a theory
d) confusing the listener

What does 'languishing' mean?
a) living in a state of depression
b) eating as little as possible
c) behaving in a strange way
d) breaking rules or regulations

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