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A region of space that surrounds a magnet and exerts a force on other magnets and objects made of magnetic materials:
a) magnetic field
b) magnetism
c) mega magnet
d) field lines

Where is the magnetic field strongest?
a) Only near the north pole
b) Only near the south pole
c) In the middle of a magnet
d) Near the north and south poles

Regions of a magnet that exert the strongest force:
a) center of the magnet
b) magnetic poles
c) magnetic field
d) magnetism

Which of the following is NOT a magnetic material?
a) iron
b) cobalt
c) nickel
d) aluminum

An electric current in a wire is surrounded by a __________ field.
a) magnetic
b) water
c) aluminum
d) displacement

A single wire wrapped in a cylindrical wire coil:
a) electron
b) solenoid
c) solution
d) d-cell

A temporary magnet created when there is a current in a wire coil:
a) electromagnet
b) atomic radius
c) radioactive isotope
d) iron

A device that uses an electromagnet to measure electric current:
a) electroscope
b) thermometer
c) galvanometer
d) toothbrush

The _____________ force is one of the fundamental forces.
a) time
b) distance
c) speed
d) electromagnetic

Generation of current by a changing magnetic field:
a) electromagnetic induction
b) electromagnetic exception
c) electromagnetism
d) electron configuration

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