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Which is the BEST description of a potlatch?
a) a party where the hosts give gifts to show their wealth and generosity.
b) a ceremony to ask for rain for the plants and other life
c) a religious ceremony to prepare for the future
d) a religion ceremony attended only by men

Why did the Hopi build their villages on the tops of mesas?
a) for protection
b) for the view
c) for warmth
d) for better hunting

What was the shaman's main role in Kwakiutl society?
a) to cure sick people
b) to teach farming
c) to teach dancing
d) to wear special masks

Which of the following describes the environment of the Southwest Desert cultural region?
a) mostly hot and arid
b) rainforest
c) known for constant flooding
d) freezing temperatures

What is one way horses effected the lifestyle of the Cheyenne?
a) Hunting buffalo was easier.
b) Horses wandered north.
c) Dogs had more work to do.
d) The travois was no longer needed.

Which animal was important to the people of the Plains for meat, clothing, blankets, and utensils?
a) buffalo
b) deer
c) caribou
d) mammoth

Which of the following is an Iroquois custom that is still practiced today?
a) the Great Counsil
b) living in longhouses
c) using animal skins as a primary clothing source
d) using woodland animals as a primary food source

Why did Iroquois hunters speak to and thank the deer they killed?
a) The Iroquois felt a connection to nature.
b) The Iroquois were good hunters.
c) The Iroquois believed it would bring good luck.
d) The Iroquois knew the deer were listening.

Who made the decisions in the Irquois League
a) Great Council
b) older men
c) women
d) sixth tribe

In addition to meat, what did animals provide to the peoples of the Eastern Woodlands?
a) skins and fur for clothing
b) successful hunting methods
c) oil and grain for warmth
d) friendship and skills for hunting

What purpose did the Iroquois League serve?
a) It united the tribes.
b) It helped the tribes fight against one another
c) It helped the tribes find food.
d) It helped the king control the people.

Which is not true of the people of the Eastern Woodlands?
a) They lived in tepees.
b) They had numerous useus for trees and wood.
c) They grew corn, squash, beans and pumpkins.
d) They hunted deer, elk, bear and beaver.

What did potlatches and totem poles represent?
a) wealth
b) food and shelter
c) good health
d) friends and neighbors

What is a shaman?
a) a person believed to be a healer
b) an ornately carved mask
c) a doll believed to have special powers
d) a ceremony honoring the kachina

Which culture adapted horses for their use?
a) Great Plains
b) Eastern Woodlands
c) Northwest coast
d) southwest desert

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