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18. Santa's favorite elf, Chisolm, found another fossil for Little Mikey in a rock formation in Utah. What type of rock did Chisolm most likely find the fossil in?
a) Metamorphic rock
b) Igneous rock
c) Sedimentary rock
d) New rock

17. Santa made sure to wrap Little Charley's present extra special this year. IT was a fossil of a shark tooth found in the dirt of Oklahoma! What does this fossil tell Santa about what Oklahoma used to be like a long time ago?
a) There used to be a desert there.
b) There used to be a plain there.
c) There used to be a jungle there.
d) There used to be an ocean there.

16. When Santa flew over Florida, he saw that lots of the land had been stripped and flattened. Also, there seemed to be lots of water in the area. What natural disaster could have caused this change?
a) A hurricane
b) Not a hurricane (it's hurricane)
c) Not a hurricane (it's hurricane)
d) Not a hurricane (it's hurricane)

15. As Santa flew through North Texas, he noticed an earthquake happening right then! How could the earthquake chane the land?
a) Form a new island
b) Create a crack in the land
c) Make all the land flow down hill
d) Deposit sediment the mouth of a river

14. As Santa flew over land in Arkansas, he noticed how dark the soil was in many areas. He knew that soil was very dark when it had lots of _____ in it. He knew this would be great soil for growing crops. What did the soil have in it?
a) organic matter
b) humus
c) plant and animal remains
d) all of the above

13. Santa continued his journey through the United States and flew through Hawaii. He noticed some land he hadn't remembered being there before, a new island! How did that island probably form so quickly?
a) From a volcano
b) From an earthquake
c) From a landslide
d) From weathering, erosion, and deposition

12. Back at Santa's Workshop, Gizmo, the head elf, was passing the time by blowing on a pile of flour left behind from Mrs. Claus' cookies with a straw. What landform formation was Gizmo most likely modeling?
a) Delta
b) Canyon
c) Landslide
d) Sand Dune

11. When Santa passed the beaches of the California coastline, he noticed they looked very different then years before. What process by what agent is most likely responsible for this change?
a) Erosion by ice
b) Weathering by wind
c) Erosion by water
d) Weathering by ice

10. Back in New Mexico, Santa delivered some presents to a little boy near a cave, so he stopped by for a peek. He saw some magnificent formations hanging from the ceiling. What were they called?
a) Stalactite
b) Stalagmite

9. Santa traveled along and saw the Mississippi River. All the way at the mouth, he noticed sediment had built up and deposited right there. What landform was he looking at?
a) U-shaped Valley
b) Glacier
c) River
d) Delta

8. On a hot chocolate break, Santa remembered Emily's present, a book of landform science! He read there was a major factor in forming canyons. What was that factor?
a) Ice erosion
b) Wind erosion
c) Water erosion
d) Sand erosion

7. Santa was thinking of processes he could model throughout the night. What was he modeling by dropping off presents to each good girl and boy?
a) Deposition
b) Weathering
c) Erosion
d) Compaction

5. Santa continued his journey through the United States. and saw a water fall at Niagara Falls. What weathered and eroded the side of the waterfall over the years?
a) Moving ice
b) Moving sand
c) Moving wind
d) Moving water

6. Back at the North pole, some elves were trying to find Santa's workshop. They knew it was in a landform that a glacier had formed long ago. What were they most likely looking for?
a) A canyon
b) A river
c) A U-shaped Valley
d) A delta

4. As Santa traveled along, he noticed a bunch of curves in the Colorado River. He knew they were from flowing water weathering and eroding over time. He just could not remember the name of the curves. They are called _____.
a) Deltas
b) Meanders
c) Channels
d) River humps

3. Santa flew over Colorado and saw a great sand dune! He was amazed at how the peaks seemed to flow for miles. How were the sand dunes formed?
a) Ice deposition
b) Ice erosion
c) Water Erosion
d) Wind Erosion

2. As Santa delivered the famous cookies, he noticed all the layers in the Grand Canyon. Santa is a smart guy and thought to himself: The Grand Canyon must be a huge piece of _____ rock!
a) Igneous
b) Sedimentary
c) Metamorphic
d) Crystal

1. On Christmas Eve, Mrs. Claus was making her famous Sedimentary Rock Cookie Bars. Describe what one serving would look like if it was a good model of sedimentary rocks.
a) It would have one solid color
b) It would be full of crystals.
c) It would have layers.
d) It would be hot.

19. Santa's last stop in the United States took him to Maine. He saw ice in a rock that at that moment had expanded so much from freezing that the rock broke into pieces. What process was Santa witnessing?
a) Erosion
b) Weathering
c) Sedimentation
d) Deposition

20. When Santa returned, he made diagrams in a journal of all the landforms he had sen. What would not be a great title for his journal?
a) Landforms Across Asia
b) Landforms of America
c) United States Landforms
d) Landforms from my USA Adventure

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