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On Mohs' hardness scale, which of the following minerals is harder than quartz?
a) talc
b) apatite
c) gypsum
d) topaz

A mineral's streak
a) is more reliable than color in identifying a mineral
b) reveals the mineral's specific gravity
c) is the same as a luster test
d) reveals the mineral's crystal structure

Which of the following factors is NOT important in the formation of minerals?
a) heat
b) volcanic activity
c) presence of ground water
d) wind

Which of the following terms is NOT used to describe a mineral's luster?
a) pearly
b) waxy
c) dull
d) hexagonal

Which of the following is considered a special property that applies to only a few minerals?
a) color
b) luster
c) steak
d) magnetism

Which of the following physical properties can be expressed in numbers?
a) luster
b) hardness
c) color
d) reaction to acid

Which of the following minerals would scratch fluorite?
a) talc
b) quartz
c) gypsum
d) calcite

A naturally formed, inorganic solid with a definite internal geometric structure is called a
a) compound
b) atom
c) mineral
d) element

___________is the tendency of minerals to break along flat surfaces.
a) Cleavage
b) Density
c) Hardness
d) Fracture

Gold and silver are ______________ because they are each composed of a single type of atom.
a) atoms
b) elements
c) compounds
d) ore

Aluminum comes from a mineral ______________ called bauxite.
a) element
b) ore
c) compound
d) mineral

A material's ___________________is defined as its mass divided by its volume.
a) fracture
b) density
c) hardness
d) cleavage

If the atoms of a substance are arranged in a specific, repetitive pattern, the substance is
a) crystalline
b) a compound
c) colorful
d) easily scratched

The mineral calcite, CaCO3, is an example of a
a) carbonate
b) silicate
c) sulfate
d) halide

The nonsilicate minerals
a) do not contain oxygen
b) are all rare substances
c) all display good cleavage
d) include native elements

In addition to reclamation, a good way to reduce the environmental effects of mining is to
a) recycle materials
b) dig deeper mines
c) use more metals
d) flush mines with water

The color of the powder that a mineral leaves on a piece of white, unglazed porcelain is called the mineral's
a) hardness
b) luster
c) streak
d) scratch

What are silicate minerals not always made of?
a) oxygen
b) silicon
c) hydrogen
d) none of the above

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