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__________________ is the early 1800s movement of European Jews to create a country or community in Palestine. It was achieved in 1948 after WWII and the Holocaust.
a) Zionism
b) Anti-Semitism
c) Diaspora
d) Exodus

How does specialization encourage trade between countries is SW Asia?
a) It stabilizes the exchange rate.
b) It will increase natural resources.
c) Countries will trade domestic products for foreign products.
d) It will help the country become a world power.

Why does international trade require a system of exchanging currency between nations?
a) Everybody wants to accept American money.
b) Because the Peso is the most valuable currency in the world.
c) Because the United Nations is trying to stop countries from using gold.
d) If the value of the currency could not be changed to another country's currency, countries would not trade with each other.

Although it is illegal, the Caste System divides India's population into classes such as Dalits and Brahmans. How is this division of classes different than the class division in the USA?
a) In the US people can change their classes by hard work and education but in India people stay in the class they are born in.
b) In India, people can change their classes by hard work and education but in the US people stay in the class they are born in.
c) In India, classes are divided by how much money a person makes.
d) In the US, you have to do what your parents do for a living.

SW Asia is currently facing environmental issues due to chemical fertilizers, garbage, sewage runoff and lack of proper irrigation. Which of the following is NOT an environmental issue in SW Asia?
a) Water Pollution
b) Smog
c) Uneven water distribution
d) river dams

Japan's Emperor Akihito and China's President Jintao are political figureheads for their respective countries. Besides being from different countries, what is the major difference between the two leaders?
a) Emperor Akihito has little power as figurehead. President Jintao has all the power and makes all laws.
b) They serve the same purpose. Both leaders have complete control and create all the laws for their countries.
c) President Jintao is a figurehead and has little power. Emperor Akihito has all the power and makes all laws.
d) They are the President of their country but with different titles.

In North Korea, people are told what goods to produce, how to produce those goods, and how the goods will be distributed. This is an example of what type of economy?
a) Communist
b) Command
c) Market
d) Mixed

China and India are the two largest populated countries in the world. Unlike China, India allows citizens participation in government through voting, has a complex constitution with a President. What type of government does this represent?
a) Unitary
b) Communist
c) Federal Republic
d) Confederation

This river is often referred to a China's Sorrow because it is prone to flooding which often destroys crops.
a) Chang River
b) Tigris River
c) Euphrates River
d) Huang He River

A follower of this religion or philosophy would be concerned with restoring social stability and order and would believe that only when character is cultivated, are our families regulated.
a) Confucianism
b) Islam
c) Buddhism
d) Christianity

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