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Who wrote the first type of mystery that we know of today?
a) Jennifer Soe
b) Frances Klore
c) Edward Poel
d) Edgar Allen Poe

Who was the first fictional detective?
a) Sherlock Holmes
b) Auguste C. Dupin
c) The Wright Brothers
d) Nancy Drew

First woman mystery writer?
a) Anna Katherine Green
b) Samantha Black
c) Clementine Poe
d) Josephine Rodgers

Who was the first "manly, tough" detective?
a) Joey Stamonza
b) Freddie White
c) Mike Hammer
d) Gary Lourman

Who created Sherlock Holmes?
a) Jonathan Freedman
b) Gale Spunwick
c) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
d) Sir Harold the 5th

Who was Edgar Allen Poe influenced greatly by?
a) Charles Dickens
b) Carter Keith
c) Alfred D. Gortly
d) Samuel Green

Who made a career of 50 years of writing mysteries; writing more than 80 of them?
a) Agatha Christina
b) Agatha Christie
c) Agatha Cristlie
d) Agatha Dermando

Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and Encyclopedia Brown are all myseries for te age group of:
a) kids/teens
b) adults
c) all ages
d) babies

What is a popular type of mystery now?
a) Cop shows
b) Reality Shows
c) Public Radio Broadcasting
d) The PArker Brothers game Clue

Which died while wrting a novel leaving it forever unsolved?
a) Charles Poe
b) Edgar Allen Dupin
c) Ellen Setly
d) Charles Dickens

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