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Which social class was just above slaves?
a) Soldiers
b) Pesants
c) Merchants
d) Tax Collectors

Which of the following best describes feudalism?
a) Regional provinces
b) Taxation going directly to the Emperor
c) Local leaders controlled land
d) Constant fighting

Which of the following best describes centralization?
a) Divided up among Dukes
b) Regional provinces acting on behalf of the Emperor
c) Capitals located in the center of the Empire
d) standardized and organized from one location

Who was Fu Hao?
a) King Tut of China
b) Wife of Liu Bang
c) Mulan
d) Sadistic Empress

Who was Wudi?
a) First Emperor
b) Martial Emperor
c) Leader of Xin dynasty
d) Leader of Xia dynasty

Who was Wu Ding?
a) Leader of Han
b) Leader of Xia
c) Leader of Zhou
d) Leader of Shang

Who was Wang Mang?
a) Leader of Xin
b) Height of Han
c) Began Han
d) Lost to Han

Who was Yu the Great?
a) Xia
b) Zhou
c) Shang
d) Han

Who was Liu Bang?
a) Founder of Qin
b) Founder of Han
c) Martial Emperor
d) Wife of Wu Ding

Duke Wu
a) Founder of Han
b) Founder of Qin
c) Founder of Shang
d) Founder of Zhou

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