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In the desert, ephemeral streams...
a) run only after it rains
b) run continuously, although the amount of flow changes.
c) carry water underground.
d) are actually dried stream beds that no longer carry water.

The most important factor of chemical weathering is
a) water
b) wind
c) air
d) soil

Sand dunes move
a) in the direction wind blows.
b) in all directions, all of the time.
c) opposite the direction wind blows.
d) nowhere; sand dunes don't move.

Which of the following is NOT true about the last ice age?
a) It had no part in creating the Great Lakes.
b) It ended 10,000 years ago.
c) Almost 30% of the Earth's surface was covered by ice.
d) Wooly mammoths and saber tooth cars lived.

True or False: Creep is the slowest type of mass movement.
a) True
b) False

The transformation of rock into a new compound.
a) Chemical Weathering
b) Mechanical Weathering
c) Erosion
d) Abrasion

True or False: All deserts are made of sand.
a) False
b) True

In which city would a limestone buiding chemically weather faster; Miami, Florida or Anchorage, Alaska? (Both cities receive roughly the same amount of precipitation each year)
a) Miami, Florida
b) Anchorage, Alaska
c) Both would weather at the same rate
d) Neither would chemically weather

Which of the following is an example of a place that is covered by an ice sheet today?
a) Antartica
b) Alaska
c) Iceland
d) Canada

The movement of sediment as a result of water, wind, ice, or gravity.
a) Erosion
b) Weathering
c) Abrasion
d) Deflation

True or False: During the last ice age the Northern Hemisphere had twice as much ice as the Southern Hemisphere.
a) True
b) False

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