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The International System of Units was developed in 1960. Which of the following is the SI unit for time?
a) second
b) hour
c) meter
d) wavelength

4.5 cm = _____ mm
a) 0.45 mm
b) 45 mm
c) 450 mm
d) 4,500 mm

Which of the following is a relationship in nature that is always true?
a) hypothesis
b) educated guess
c) scientific theory
d) scientific law

Scientific explanation of natural phenomenon supported by many many observations and experiments:
a) hypothesis
b) theory
c) controlled experiement
d) fact

Shallow dish used for bacterial cultures:
a) scapel
b) microscopic tube
c) petri dish
d) graduated cylinder

The tested factor in an experiment:
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) control
d) hypothesis

A verbal, visual, and/or mathematical explanation of data:
a) model
b) cell
c) technology
d) microscope

Interpretations of observations made during an experiment:
a) hypothesis
b) data
c) results
d) conclusion

Factor that remains fixed during an experiment:
a) control
b) constant
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

Knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts =
a) Scientific literacy
b) Scientific method
c) Controlled experiement
d) Cell theory

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