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After team teaching a lesson with two other interns, Matt was that his interpersonal skills were good.
a) Matt worked well fellow interns and with the children.
b) Matt decided on an activity and the other two interns wwent along with it.
c) Matt was the best speaker of the three, so he did most of the talking.
d) Matt told the other interns what to do and the lesson turned out well.

The presenter did not make each syllable clear and reeduced volume on the endings of key words. Which communication skill does the presenter need to improve?
a) Speaking
b) Math
c) Writing
d) Listening

Harry, the teacher assistant, didn't know what to do. He had planned to have the children make paper turkeys, but the center was out of constreuctiion paper. Which thinking skill does he need to improve?
a) Solving problems
b) Thinking critically
c) Making decision
d) Exercising leadership

After sharing her lesson and giving feebock to help another intern, Nancy was told that her leadership skills were good. What could explain why the observer told her this?
a) Nancy knew how to motivate and help other peolpe.
b) Nancy had planned a very creative lesson.
c) Nancy was arrogant and pushy when showing her lesson to someone else.
d) Nancy was too quick to give away her own good idea.

After participating in the parent conference, Pattie was told that her skills in family communication weeree good. What could explain why the observer told her this?
a) Pattie began by telling some of the child's strengths.
b) Pattie told the parent in detail about each episode of problem behavior.
c) Pattie thought of what she would say next while the parent was talking.
d) Pattie agreed with everything that the parent said.

Mr. Jones revised his lesson plans for the day when he learned about the assembly program. Which 21st century life skill does illustrrate?
a) Adaptability
b) Accountability
c) Leadership
d) People skill

After leadint the children in a cooking activity, Joyce was told that her reesource management skills were good. What could explain why she was told that?
a) Joyce used foods in season to amke the activity economical.
b) Joyce pronounced her syllable clearly.
c) Joyce decided on an appropriate dish for the upcoming holiday theme.
d) Joyce visualized the oulcome before reading reading instructions.

After a typicala day interning in the cchild care center, Rpy was told that staff communication skills were good. What could explain why the obsrever told him this?
a) Roy enjoyed planning the next lesson with his co-worker while the children napped.
b) Roy tried to work without asking any question.
c) Roy didn't engage in 'small talk' with coworkers.
d) Roy chatted with the parent about how all the children were doing.

which is an example of people skill?
a) The teacher defused the parent's anger and worked out a cooperative plan of action.
b) The teacher made sure that every minute of the work day was used to best advantage .
c) The teacher changed the lesson when she learned of a death in the child's family.
d) The teacher brought in hands-on materials for the lesson activity.

The teacher knew it was wrong to take credit for the work that another co-worker had done. Which 21st century life skill does this illustrate?
a) Ethics
b) Adaptability
c) People skill
d) Personal productivity

The teacher didn't discuss with one parent problem edxprienced with other parents' children. Which 21st century life does this illustrate?
a) Ethics
b) Accountability
c) People skills
d) Personal praductivity

The child care assitant had trouble choosing between kickball and jump-rope for a field dayy activity. Which thinking sill does the assitant need to improve?
a) Solving problems
b) Makking decision
c) Thinking creatively
d) Thinking critically

After leading storytelling, Karl was told that his communication skills were good. Which thinking skill does the assistant need to improve?
a) Karl pronounced his syllables clearlly and distinctly.
b) Karl decided on an appropriate story for the season of the year.
c) Karl used props alreeady in the center to maken his activity economical.
d) Karl visualized the outcome before he read the instruction.

Theo works in a child care center where there arae children of six different ethnicities. Which SCANS interpersonal skill does this require?
a) Working wth cultural diversity
b) Teaching others
c) Exercising leadership
d) Participating an a member of a team

The student failed to look over the newspaper headlines and lokk for key poins. Which communication skill does this indicate that student needs to improve?
a) Reading
b) Listening
c) Speaking
d) Writing

Elena has became quite good at interacting with the parents of the children in the center. Which SCANS interperonal skill in this?
a) Serves lients and customers
b) Teaches others
c) Works with cultural diversity
d) Participates as a member of a team

Which is an example of occountabillity?
a) Ms. Alston made sure that every minute of the wok day was used to best advantage.
b) Ms. Alston defused the parent's anger and worked out a cooperative plan of action.
c) Mr. Allen changed the lesson when he learned of a death in the child's family.
d) Mr. Allen brought in hands-on materials to keep the children motivated.

The caregiver stayed focused on working with the children throughout the day. Which 21sts century life skill does this illustrate?
a) Personal productivity
b) People skill
c) Leadership
d) Ethics

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