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Students are investigating the forces that act on a wagon as it rolls down a hill. Which of the following would be the best way for students to determine how the mass of the wagon affects the speed it rolls down the hill?
a) Attaching rubber bands to the wheels of the wagon
b) Starting the wagon from different heights on the hill
c) Adding one, two, or three bricks to the wagon
d) Pushing the wagon with different forces at the start

Students conducted an investigation in which they let the same car roll down the same ramp in three different locations in their school with three different floor types, as shown below. Which of the following questions was this investigation most lik
a) How does the mass of a toy car affect its speed?
b) How does friction affect the distance a toy car rolls?
c) What mechanical advantage does an inclined plane give?
d) Why does gravity make a toy car roll down a ramp?

An image is produced in a mirror because light from an object that strikes a mirror –
a) Bounces off the mirror in straight lines
b) Is absorbed by the glass in the mirror
c) Adds heat energy to the mirror
d) Bends as it passes through the mirror

When electricity flows through a light bulb, it produces two main forms of energy. These two forms of energy are the same as produced by which of the following?
a) A falling rock
b) A rollercoaster
c) A candle
d) A green plant

In order to create a closed circuit, electricity must flow through a path, usually made of wire. What property must the wire have to function properly in the complete circuit? The wire must –
a) Be flexible, so it can be bent into curved shapes
b) Block thermal energy, so it doesn’t get hot
c) Be magnetic, so that it sticks to a magnet
d) Allow electricity to flow thorough it

this is created by a glacier...
a) canyon
b) sand dune
c) delta
d) valley

In order to change a solid to a liquid, what kind of energy must be added?
a) Mechanical
b) Thermal
c) Sound
d) Light

A glass of ice water begins to form small droplets of water on the outside. What is the best explanation for where these water droplets came from?
a) Water in the air condenses on the cold glass.
b) Water leaks through small holes in the glass.
c) As the ice melts, it creates more water.
d) Air pressure pushes water up out of the glass.

Students noticed that a crayon left on the windowsill of their classroom had melted. Which of the following is the best explanation of what caused the crayon to melt?
a) Magnets were kept on the windowsill near the crayon
b) Students did not handle the crayon on the windowsill.
c) Cool air was blowing in from outside over the crayon.
d) Heat from the sun during the day warmed the crayon

A student observes ice forming on the edge of a school building. At what temperature did the water outside the school building most likely begin tochange to ice?
a) 100
b) 32
c) 25
d) O

Which of the following is an example of a solution?
a) Lemon juice and water
b) iron fillings and sand
c) fruit salad
d) trail mix

In which of the following classifications would an iron nail and a copper wire be placed in different groups?
a) Float in Water / Sink in Water
b) Magnetic / Nonmagnetic
c) Conducts Electricity / Does not Conduct Electricity
d) Good Conductor of Heat / Poor conductor of Heat

Which of the following is an example of climate?
a) It was cloudy on Tuesday.
b) Texas had a high temperature of 102 on Wednesday
c) This week had a rainfall of 12 inches.
d) The average precipitation in Texas in one year

Which of the following is an example of weather?
a) Winters in New York are very cold.
b) Phoenix, Arizona had an average precipitation of .5 inches this summer
c) On Wednesday, it rained 2 inches.
d) The avergage temperature for May is 95

How long does it take the Earth to make one rotation?
a) 12 hours
b) 24 hours
c) 1 year
d) 24 minutes

Which of the following is an example of a mixture?
a) salt water
b) lemonade
c) fruit salad
d) iron nails

Which of the following supplies the energy that drives the water cycle on Earth?
a) Gravity
b) The Sun
c) The wind
d) Oceans

Water droplets form on the outside of an ice cold can of soda. The process is called...
a) Evaporation
b) Precipitation
c) Run off
d) Condensation

what are the steps in order that form a sedimentary rock?
a) cementation, compaction, deposition, erosion, weathering
b) weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction cementation
c) weathering, compaction, cementation, deposition, erosion
d) weathering, erosion, depostion, erosion, compaction

what must you have in order for coal to form?
a) sedimentary rocks
b) metals
c) decaying organisms
d) lava

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