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A crocodile quietly stalks its prey, a deer, drinking at a water hole. The deer suddenly sees the crocodile approaching. The deer’s body responds by –
a) Shedding thick fur
b) Changing Color
c) Increasing heart rate
d) Requiring more food

Which of the following is an example of a plant responding to the external stimulus of gravity?
a) A seedling growing toward a sunny window
b) Plant roots growing down into the soil
c) Flowers producing nectar to attract bees
d) A potted plant wilting when it dries out

Where does mechanical digestion begin?
a) Stomach
b) Small Intestine
c) Mouth
d) Esophagus

Where does chemical digestion begin?
a) Stomach
b) Small Intestine
c) Mouth
d) Esophagus

Jimmy came home from school with a high fever and his head was really hot but Jimmy was shivering. Why is this?
a) Jimmy’s body was confused and disoriented.
b) b. Jimmy’s body was responding to the fever by shivering to cool the body down.
c) c. Jimmy’s body was responding to an infection by shivering to warm the body up to kill the virus.
d) d. Jimmy’s body was responding to high temperatures from the summer day.

Sweat drips down a student’s neck while the student hikes up a rocky trail on a field trip. What is the student’s body trying to control by sweating?
a) The respiratory system is trying to control the amount of oxygen he is breathing in.
b) The circulatory system is trying to keep his blood pressure down.
c) His integumentary system is trying to regulate his body temperature
d) His endocrine system is releasing hormones related to growth.

Which of the following is a response to smelling food?
a) Rapid blinking
b) Excessive sweating
c) Increased hunger
d) Sensitivity to sound

Which of the following is likely a cause of vomiting?
a) Ingesting spoiled food
b) Cold Temperatures
c) Lack of water
d) Excessive Sunlight

A predator chases a prey animal. The prey is likely experiencing all of the following except –
a) Rapid Heartbeat
b) Dilated pupils-- this increases vision
c) Increased Sweating
d) Onset of fever

Which body system includes the three layers of skin that function to protect deeper tissue?
a) Endocrine system
b) Circulatory system
c) Skeletal system
d) Integumentary system

The body system that produces hormones that affect other parts of the body is which system?
a) Endocrine system
b) Integumentary system
c) Circulatory system
d) Skeletal system

From a single monkey, an animal breeder claims that he has successfully cloned two monkeys. He displays the two monkeys, a male and a female, to the public. The claim of the breeder should be rejected because the monkeys
a) are twins
b) have the same parents
c) developed from more than one sperm cell
d) are of two different sexes

The genetic material of an offspring of sexually reproducing organisms is best described as –
a) A. Identical to that of the other offspring
b) B. A copy of the genetic material of the mother
c) C. A copy of the genetic material of the father
d) D. Genes from both parents, in unique combinations

Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of sexual reproduction?
a) A. Little genetic variation in a population
b) B. Slow reproduction rate
c) C. Takes more energy to find a mate
d) D. Few offspring

If two organisms reproduce sexually, then their offspring will show a genetic make-up that is –
a) Identical to only one parent
b) Identical to all of its siblings
c) Completely unrelated to that of its parents
d) A blend of genetic material of its parents.

Which is the correct organizational sequence of genetic material?
a) A. Genes---DNA---chromosomes---nucleus
b) Nucleus----Genes----chromosomes----DNA
c) DNA---- Nucleus---- Genes---- Chromosomes
d) Chromosomes--- DNA----Nucleus----Genes

The father of Genetics is
a) Francesco redi
b) Albert Einstein
c) Gregor Mendel
d) Robert Hooke

The passing of genetic information from 1 generation to the next is called __________________.
a) Cloning RNA
b) Nuclei
c) Heredity
d) genes

Sections of DNA within a chromosome are called _______________________.
a) Superunits
b) Tripods
c) recombipods
d) genes

23. Genes determine the characteristics or _____________________ each offspring will have.
a) nuclei
b) traits
c) chromosomes
d) cells

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