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1. Carbon is considered an element, while carbon dioxide is considered a compound. This is because carbon dioxide is-
a) A gas at room temperature
b) Made of two different elements
c) Given off by green plants
d) Useful to human beings

Compounds are different than elements because compounds are-
a) Combinations of two or more elements
b) Not able to be broken down into parts
c) Watery made from the same type of atoms
d) A pure substance, elements are not.

3. How many different elements are represented in the chemical formula? CH4 + 2O2  CO2 + 2H2O
a) 7
b) 5
c) 4
d) 3

Which of the following is the best description of an element?
a) A substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances
b) A naturally occurring mineral made of more than one substance
c) A small particle made with a specific chemical composition
d) A collection of atoms that have different abilities when joined together

Which of the following is a compound?
a) Aluminum
b) Water
c) Chlorine
d) Oxygen

All of the following are organic compounds except-
a) CH3CO2H
b) C6H12O6
c) Ca3(PO4)2
d) C7H9PO3

9. Organic compounds can be distinguished from inorganic compounds because organic compounds always-
a) Contain carbon and certain other elements
b) Have higher boiling and melting points
c) Make up the largest molecules that exist
d) Will conduct electricity and be magnetic

Which two elements will be found in most organic compounds?
a) Cobalt and nitrogen
b) Neon and Carbon
c) Carbon and Hydrogen
d) Silicon and Zinc

Which of the following is an example of a physical change in the digestive system?
a) Enzymes breaking down carbohydrates into sugars
b) Melting an ice cube in the mouth
c) Saliva changing starch into simpler sugars
d) Digestive juices breaking food into nutrients

In digestion, evidence of a chemical change can be observed when -
a) Pieces of food get smaller during chewing
b) Solid foods become liquid in the mouth
c) Food changes shape in the stomach
d) Methane gas is produced in the intestines

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change in the digestive system?
a) Teeth chopping food into pieces
b) Candy dissolving in the mouth
c) Tongue forming food into a ball
d) Saliva breaking down starch into sugar

In digestion, evidence of a chemical change can be observed when -
a) Solid chocolate melts in the mouth
b) Crackers get chewed into smaller pieces
c) Meat is churned and squeezed in the stomach
d) Vegetables broken down in the intestines produce gas.

Which of the following is an example of a physical change in digestion?
a) Digestive juices changing food into nutrients
b) Saliva breaking down starch into carbohydrates
c) Teeth chewing food to make it easier to swallow
d) Proteins being changed into amino acids

Which of the following is an example of a physical change that occurs during digestion?
a) In the stomach, pepsin turns proteins to amino acids
b) In the mouth, enzymes break down carbohydrates
c) In the stomach, muscle contractions mix and churn food.
d) In the intestines, fatty acids are extracted from lipids.

During Digestion, which of the following energy conversions occurs?
a) Chemical energy ---- heat energy
b) Electrical Energy --------Chemical energy
c) Mechanical energy------ Heat energy
d) Heat energy ------- Chemical energy

A bird that eats seeds converts the energy stored in the seeds into the energy of its flight muscles. The conversion is from what kind of energy to what other kind of energy?
a) Mechanical energy ---- Thermal energy
b) Radiant Energy-----chemical energy
c) Chemical energy------mechanical energy
d) Sound energy ---- Radiant energy

Green plants use sunlight to make their own food in the form of glucose, this process, known as photosynthesis is an example of which of the following energy conversions.
a) Mechanical energy ------ Thermal energy
b) Radiant energy ----- Chemical energy
c) Chemical energy ---- mechanical energy
d) Sound energy ----- radiant energy

Animals are able to move by using the energy from the food they eat. This conversion is from what type of energy to what other type of energy?
a) Radiant energy ---- chemical energy
b) Thermal Energy -------- Electrical energy
c) Chemical Energy ------mechanical energy
d) Sound Energy -------radiant Energy

Which of the following organisms regularly transforms radiant energy into chemical energy?
a) Deer
b) Tree
c) Cow
d) Human

Roots grow downward in the soil in response to –
a) Gravity
b) Sunlight
c) Water
d) Wind

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