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If Jessica has light eyes (bb) and both of her parents have dark eyes (Bb) which statement is true?
a) Jessica inherited both genes from her father
b) Jessica inherited both genes from her mother
c) Jessica inherited one recessive form of the gene from each parent
d) Jessica inherited one dominant form of the gene from each parent

An ocean, a forest, and a grassy meadow are each examples of a complete ecosystem. Complete ecosystems contain
a) animals
b) rocks and water
c) biotic and abiotic factors (living and nonliving things)
d) populations of plants and animals

In a large forest with many animals, there are only a small number of bears. Which of these most likely limits the population of bears in the forest?
a) supply of food
b) type of tree
c) predation by carnivores
d) amount of suitable shelter

What relationship is mutualistic?
a) an insect that lives and feeds on the body of an alligator
b) an ant that lives on a plant and defends the plant from other insects
c) a bird that migrates to follow the movements of the butterflies that it eats
d) a deer that eats one kind of plant, which allows another kind of plant to grow in its place

What do scientists mean when they refer to a population?
a) all the organisms in an ecosystem
b) all the species that share similar anatomical features
c) all the animals that acquire resources through similar methods
d) all the interbreeding members of a certain species in an ecosystem

All living and nonliving things that surround an animal are part of its
a) food chain
b) life cycle
c) environment
d) atmosphere

A scuba diver sees a squid releasing a cloud of black ink while the squid quickly moves away. Which stimulus most likely caused this behavior?
a) a storm overhead
b) a nearby predator
c) a large tidal wave
d) a sudden increase in sunlight

If farmers cleared a large forest and planted grass, the squirrels that had lived in the forest would most likely
a) move to other areas that had trees
b) learn to live in the long grass
c) find seeds and nuts to plant more trees
d) build their nests on the ground

Which of these types of organisms would most likely have the largest populations in a pond ecosystem?
a) algae
b) fish
c) frogs
d) snakes

The yucca moth lays its eggs inside the flower of the yucca plant. The larvae eat some of the plant seeds. When the moth flies away from the plant, it takes pollen from the yucca flower with it. How does the yucca moth help the yucca plant?
a) lays eggs
b) eats seeds
c) hatches larvae
d) spreads pollen

The highest concentration of life exists in the top 200 meters of ocean water. The most important factor that influences this concentration of life is the
a) amount gases at the surface
b) amount of nutrients in the water
c) large number of predators at lower depths
d) amount of sunlight

Which of these organisms are most helpful in preventing Earth from being covered with the bodies of dead organisms?
a) herbivores
b) producers
c) parasites and viruses
d) fungi and bacteria

If paleontologists finds fossils of many different species existing in the same area at approximately the same time, the paleontologist can conclude that the ecosystem in this area had a high degree of
a) climatic variation
b) episodic speciation
c) biological diversity
d) geographic isolation

Salt concentration, water temperature, plankton, and the whale shark might all be used in a description of an ocean
a) climate
b) food web
c) ecosystem
d) population

Fungi are an important part of a terrestrial ecosystem because they
a) store energy
b) bond oxygen to sulfur
c) function as producers
d) recycle organic matter

Rabbits introduced into Australia over 100 years ago have become a serious pest. Rabbit populations increased so much that they displaced many native species of plant eaters. What is the most logical explanation for their increased numbers?
a) rabbits have a high death rate
b) there are few effective predators
c) additional rabbit species have been introduced
d) there is an increase in rabbit competitors

In a desert environment, cactus wrens often build their nests in cholla cacti to avoid predators. This behavior does not hurt the cacti. Which type of relationship do cactus wrens and cholla cacti demonstrate?
a) competitive
b) commensalism
c) mutualism
d) parasitism

Which of the following is a biotic component of a desert?
a) low rainfall
b) hot temperature
c) polar bear
d) horned lizard

Which example shows the relationship between a living thing and a nonliving thing?
a) an insect is food for a salmon
b) water carries a rock downstream
c) a tree removes a gas from the air
d) a flower makes food for a butterfly

How do moose use a learned behavior to protect themselves?
a) they have hollow hair to keep warm in the winter
b) they roll in a pool of muddy water to avoid fly bites
c) they have keen hearing to sense danger in the forest
d) they use their wide hooves to prevent sinking in deep snow

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