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The most widely known polymer
a) plastic
b) rubber
c) teflon
d) pvc

The smallest unit of an element that has all the characteristics of that elements
a) atom
b) substance
c) element
d) polymer

A substance that has molecules made up of repeating copes of smaller molecule
a) element
b) molecule
c) polymer
d) monomers

Substances made of two or more elements that are chemically combined
a) ionic
b) compound
c) molecules
d) element

Matter can be neither be created nor destroyed
a) Law of conservation of mass
b) Law of conservation of energy
c) Newton's 1st law
d) Newton's 2nd law

Which of the following is an example of a thermoset plastic
a) Polystyrene
b) Polyvinyl chloride
c) Polyethylene
d) Polyester resin

Which method of forming changes a polymer into a fully liquid state?
a) pressing
b) injection mold
c) forging
d) vacuum forming

Which state of matter has the most loose bond molecules?
a) liqid
b) solid
c) gas
d) matter

The molecules of a substance must have which characteristics in order for the substance to be flexible
a) Short and straight
b) Bonded tightly in place
c) Long chains
d) Able to move past one another

The repeating units that makes up a polymer
a) Plastic
b) Monomer
c) Atoms
d) Styrene

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