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Knowledge, skills, healthcare, and education of the workers is called __________.
a) Human capital
b) Capital goods
c) Quota
d) Embargo

What country did the U.S. fear was making Weapons of Mass Destruction?
a) Kuwait
b) Afghanistan
c) Turkey
d) Iraq

A government led by religious leaders and religious laws is called _________.
a) Autocracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Theocracy
d) Democracy

What happens to the price of oil when OPEC reduces the supply of oil?
a) Price goes down
b) Price goes up
c) Price stays the same
d) Price of oil is unrelated to supply of oil

Why did the U.N. put an embargo on Iraq after the Persian Gulf War?
a) To get Iraq to end the war with Iran
b) The U.N. wanted Iraq to comply with U.N. requirements.
c) To force Iraq to find new trading partners
d) To protect Iraq's economy

What country was Osama bin Laden hiding in before Pakistan?
a) Iran
b) Kuwait
c) Iraq
d) Afghanistan

What is the name for the type of religious law based on the teachings of the Quron(Koran)?
a) Sharia
b) Knesset
c) Ayatollah
d) Secular

Israel specializes in ______________
a) Oil and Natural Gas
b) Agricultural Technology
c) Manufacturing
d) Textiles

What is the role of the citizen/people in a monarchy?
a) They have all of the power
b) They elect the leader
c) They have little to no power
d) They follow the religious leaders

What is the biggest religious issue between the Arabs and the Jews?
a) Who should be the supreme leader of Iran
b) Who should be the leader of Islam
c) Who was promised the land by God
d) Who was the patriarch of the Western Religions

One of the areas of land that Israel occupies that is disputed by the Palestinian Arabs?
a) Turkey
b) Gaza Strip
c) Suez Canal
d) Sinai Peninsula

What branch of government is responsible for creating the laws?
a) Executive
b) Legislative
c) Judicial
d) Presidential

Saudia Arabia specializes in __________
a) Oil and Natural Gas
b) Agricultural Technology
c) Manufacturing
d) Food Exports

This waterway begins the shipping route for oil coming out of the Middle East.
a) Suez Canal
b) Indian Ocean
c) Persian Gulf
d) Red Sea

Iran's religious leader is called the Supreme Leader, or __________.
a) Knesset
b) Diaspora
c) Ayatollah
d) Secular

Who was the president during the terrorist attacks against the U.S.?
a) Barack Obama
b) George W. Bush
c) John F Kennedy
d) Ronald Reagan

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