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Economic system that has characteristics of both market and command economies
a) Traditional
b) Market
c) Command
d) Mixed

What happens to GDP if you increase the amount of investment in capital goods or human capital?
a) GDP goes up
b) GDP goes down
c) GDP stay the same
d) Investing in human capital or capital goods has no effect on GDP

In a presidential democracy, the leader ________
a) Is part of the legislature
b) Is separate from the legislature
c) Becomes the ruler after the old king dies
d) Is part of the Judicial branch of government

What problem is created by building a dam on rivers shared by two or more countries?
a) Not everyone would be able to get a job at the dam
b) The dam might break
c) Unequal water distribution
d) No problems are created

What two groups have fought for years over religious differences?
a) Palestinians and Arabs
b) Kurds and Persians
c) Arabs and Persians
d) Arabs and Jews

Whoe makes the decisions in an autocracy?
a) The people/citizens
b) A small group of rich and powerful people
c) The ruler
d) No one makes decision

Where is the power in a unitary government system?
a) In the central government
b) In the regional government
c) Shared and divided between the central and regional governments
d) With a small group of people

Economic System where the individual makes the decisions?
a) Traditional
b) Market
c) Command
d) Mixed

These groups have a shared culture, language, religion(sometimes), and traditions
a) Religious Groups
b) Ethnic Groups
c) Planning Groups
d) Protest Groups

What group created the Modern State of Israel
a) Arabs
b) United Nations
c) United States
d) Ottoman Empire

Economic system where government planning groups make the decisions
a) Traditional
b) Market
c) Command
d) Mixed

What country/countries have we studied have a federal system?
a) Israel
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iran
d) None

What was the movement to establish a Jewish homeland or country called?
a) Diaspora
b) Anti-Semitism
c) Zionism
d) Holocaust

What is one important difference between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
a) Their views on Jesus
b) Christianity and Islam are monotheistic, while Judaism is not
c) Abraham is only important to Christianity
d) Jerusalem is only important to Islam

Does a higher literacy rate make your country wealthier or poorer?
a) Wealthier
b) Poorer
c) Stay the same
d) Literacy rate has no effect on a country's wealth

Government System that has power shared and divided?
a) Traditional
b) Unitary
c) Confederate
d) Federal

Who redrew the map of the Middle East without caring about the groups who lived there?
a) United States
b) Britatin and France
c) United Nations
d) Ottoman Empire

Economic System based on customs and habits from the past
a) Traditional
b) Market
c) Command
d) Mixed

What country did Iraq invade in 1990?
a) Iran
b) Syria
c) Turkey
d) Kuwait

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