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What three major religions have their origins in the Middle East?
a) Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism
b) Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism
c) Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
d) Buddhism, Shintoism, and Hinduism

The BEST description of Israel's economy today is;
a) mainly privately owned businesses
b) a mixture of private and government-owned businessess
c) mainly government owned businesses
d) businesses controlled by European investors

Shia and Sunni Islam were both founded because of;
a) invasions by European Crusaders trying to retake the Holy Land
b) disputes over who would succeed Muhammad as head of the faith
c) the quest to control trade routes between Arabia and China
d) the failure to win wars against Hindu armies from the East

In 1948, the United Nations divided the land of Palestine between Arabs and Jews. Which nation was created by its actions?
a) Israel
b) Syria
c) Egypt
d) Turkey

Which countries are the most oil-rich in the Southwestern Asian region?
a) Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Israel
b) Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon
c) Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon
d) Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

Many oil-rich countries cooperate with each other in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). How does this help them play a major role in world affairs?
a) They share a common language and history.
b) They influence the price of oil on the world market.
c) They share a common form of government.
d) They maintain a military force in the Middle East.

A representative of OPEC would be concerned with the price of;
a) coal
b) gold
c) oil
d) wheat

A hopeful sign for the future of Africa is its rising literacy rate. Why is the literacy rate important to a country?
a) It increases the skill level of the human capital improving the country's production.
b) It decreases the skill level of the human capital making the country less productive.
c) It causes more people to work on farms.
d) It increases the amount of money the country can borrow from Western nations.

The government of South Africa has a national government and 9 provincial governments, each with some reserved powers and shared powers. South Africa's government type is;
a) unitary
b) oligarchy
c) federal
d) confederation

Which country is the world's largest democracy?
a) Japan
b) China
c) Korea
d) India

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