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Why did England want to Establish Colonies?
a) To sell more goods and resources to other countries
b) To have a place to go on vacation
c) To go meet more people
d) To escape the King's rule

What is a royal colony?
a) It is a royal state to live where people govern themselves
b) A place where the King lives
c) A place where all land belongs to the King and rules all the people who live there
d) The land where the American Indians lived

Who funded the trip to the Americas?
a) John White
b) Walter Raleigh
c) Virginia Dare
d) Queen Elizabeth I

John White ____________________
a) Funded the trips to the Americas
b) Traveled to America with the colonists
c) Was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I
d) Married an American Indian

What is a proprietary colony?
a) A place granted to a person/group where they had full ownership and made their own rules
b) A proper place to live with self governing rules
c) A place where all the King's court lived and lived under his rules
d) The first established colony in America by the Europeans

Where did the Wright Brothers build their first airplane?
a) Wrightland
b) Seaport
c) Fort Dobbs
d) Kitty Hawk

What is the capital of North Carolina?
a) Charlotte
b) High Point
c) Raleigh
d) Greensboro

What is the definition of a state symbol?
a) Background from which one comes, or any sort of inherited property or goods
b) Represent the cultural heritage and natural treasures of each state
c) The favorite things of the people in the state
d) The North Carolina State Flag

What is the North State plant?
a) Cactus
b) Dogwood
c) Venus Flytrap
d) Strawberry bush

What is the North Carolina state dog?
a) Plott Hound
b) Labrador Retriever
c) Husky
d) Beagle

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