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As of January 2001, how much does the president make annually?
a) $200,000
b) $400,000
c) $450,000
d) $600,000

What is does the commander and chief do?
a) The president's role as secretary of state
b) The president's role as the head of Senate
c) The president's role as the head of the armed forces
d) The president's ability to take control of the country away from other branches of government

What are the 3 flaws in the electoral system and the four possible reforms to fix the flaws?
a) 1. Win the Popular vote but lose the Election 2. Nothing makes an elector vote with what their state voted 3. If no one wins

What are the 3 formal qualifications for presidency?
a) 35 years old, natural born Citizen of the United States, live in US for 14 consecutive years

What is a major flaw of the electoral college?
a) The winner of the popular vote is not guaranteed the presidency

What is the age requirement for the president?
a) 35 years old
b) 16 years old
c) 25 years old
d) 45 years old

What is the least number of presidential electors that a state may have?
a) 31
b) 3
c) 6
d) 13

What is the most widely supported plan for reform of the electoral college?
a) The Direct Popular Election Plan
b) National Bonus Plan
c) Proportional Plan
d) District Plan

If the president is power is running for a second term, who are the people likely to nominate to run again?
a) The president

The majority of the proposed reforms to the current electoral college what?
a) Also contains flaws

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