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A rock with coral and shells in it would have existed in which environment originally?
a) Swamp
b) Lake
c) Ocean
d) Forest

During which period did the greatest mass extinction on Earth occur?
a) Permian
b) Cretaceous
c) Devonian
d) Triassic

The time needed for one half of an isotope to decay.
a) Half Life
b) Radioactivity
c) Extinct
d) Isotope decay

Which of the following is NOT a division on the geologic time scale?
a) Era
b) Eon
c) Period
d) Century

Uranium 238 has a half life of 4.5 billion years. If a 4g sample has decayed to 2g, what is the age of the sample?
a) 4.5 billion years
b) 2.25 billion years
c) 9 billion years
d) 13.5 billion years

Which of the following is NOT an advantage mammals have over reptiles?
a) Walk upright
b) Body hair/fur
c) Warm blooded
d) Efficient heart/lungs

True or false: a fault is younger than a rock it cuts through.
a) True
b) False

Dinosaurs are the ancestors of which living organism?
a) birds
b) lizards
c) snakes
d) frogs

Humans were able to migrate from Asia to North America because...
a) and land bridge once connected the 2 continents
b) they sailed across the ocean
c) they could swim really far
d) the continents were closer together then

Which of the following is NOT a reason why scientists believe animals such as wooly mammoths and saber toothed cats became extinct?
a) Migration
b) Climate change
c) Disease
d) Humans hunting them

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