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A treeless geographic area where the subsoil is frozen
a) tundra
b) desert
c) savanna
d) taiga

Barren, often sandy area
a) grassland
b) savanna
c) desert
d) taiga

Geographical areas filled with a major community of plant and animal life
a) ecosystem
b) community
c) population
d) biome

Which animal would be found in the biome that has cold to moderate winters, warm summers, fertile soils, and is home to a variety of vegetation, such as coniferous trees, broad leaf deciduous trees, flowering shrubs, and ferns?
a) polar bear
b) whitetail deer
c) iguana
d) lion

A biome is identified by its particular set of abiotic factors and its
a) characteristic ecological community.
b) average precipitation and temperature
c) distance from the equator
d) specific geographical location

Which two biomes have the least amount of precipitation?
a) boreal forest and temperate woodland and shrubland
b) tundra and desert
c) tropical savanna and tropical dry forest
d) tropical rain forest and temperate grassland

Which biome is characterized by very low temperatures, little precipitation, and permafrost?
a) desert
b) temperate forest
c) tundra
d) tropical dry forest

Which Biome is the most biologically diverse in the world?
a) grassland
b) tundra
c) temperate deciduous forest
d) tropical rainforest

The tundra is able to support plants such as mosses, grasses, wildflowers and small shrubs. The primary reason is due to the
a) long growing season in the summer months
b) thin layer of humus above the permafrost
c) lack of pollinators.
d) high levels of precipitation.

Plants that have shallow roots, needles instead of leaves, and a waxy exterior are usually found in the -
a) desert
b) grasslands
c) tropical rain forest
d) tundra

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