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Oedipus is best described as which kind of hero?
a) superhero
b) tragic hero
c) epic hero
d) allegorical hero

The following theme reflects the heroic ideal of what character studied? Follow your destiny and use your strengths to contribute to the good of all.
a) Oedipus
b) Gilgamesh
c) Achilles
d) Aeneas

Virgil's Aeneid was intended to
a) give Rome a history
b) set up the character of Virgil for Dante Allighieri
c) show what happened in the final days of Troy
d) polarize Virgil to literary greatness

When the Greeks first entered Troy they were described as a wave similar to a tsunami or great flood. This description was known as
a) an epithet
b) an epic simile
c) a vast setting
d) the influence of the gods

Swift-footed Achilles, Brave Hector, and Great Oedipus are examples of what literary device?
a) stock epilogues
b) epistrophes
c) strophes
d) stock epithets

The four main tenets of The Iliad and The Aeneid were
a) burial rites, heroic ideal, influence of the gods, spoils of war
b) tragic flaws, heroic ideal, burial rites, spoils of war
c) influence of the gods, burial rites, tragic flaws, spoils of war

When the audience feels pity and sympathy for the plight of the tragic hero, this is known as
a) catharsis
b) hamartia
c) hubris
d) epistrophe

The Iliad begins in the middle of the action. This is known as
a) catharsis
b) hamartia
c) in medias res
d) burial rites

Which of the following did Oedipus NOT do?
a) Defied the will of the gods
b) follow the pre-determined destiny of the gods
c) fall victim to his own hamartia of hubris
d) suffer so the audience could gather meaning from his downfall

In Oedipus, the chorus moved from one side of the stage to the other during the
a) paradox, parable
b) internal/external conflict
c) metaphor/simile
d) antistrophe/strophe

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