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At the midpoint in life's journey, where does Dante find himself?
a) in Hell
b) on top of a little hill known as the Mount of Joy
c) in an Italian cathedral
d) in a dark wood

Why does Virgil appear to guide Dante on his journey through the Inferno?
a) He is idolized by Dante and represents reason.
b) He is a pagan and cannot escape the Inferno making him a perfect guide.
c) Beatrice is too beautiful to walk through the Inferno.
d) Satan wants to punish the sinners.

What is the final warning cut into the stone above the gate of Hell?

Who are the blockades in Dante's path through the Inferno?
a) Satan, Charon, Minos, and Cerberus
b) Satan and Cerberus
c) Charon and Minos
d) Francesca and Paulo

What is Minos' job in the Inferno?
a) to crush the sinners of Judas, Cassius, and Brutus
b) to judge where each soul belongs in hell
c) separate the sinners from the righteous souls
d) breathe fire on those who attempt to escape

Dante's journey through hell is an allegory because
a) it advisers readers to punish all sinners.
b) it criticizes readers who have turned their back on the church.
c) it exposes the wrongs of the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Bonaface.
d) it warns readers to live righteous lives

Which of the following is the BEST description of Gilgamesh?
a) A ruthless tyrant
b) a tragic hero
c) An anti-hero
d) A classic epic hero

What is the turning point that causes Gilgamesh to go on his journey?
a) The gods send Enkidu to destroy Gilgamesh.
b) Enkidu dies at the hands of the gods.
c) Gilgamesh desires immortality.
d) Gilgamesh fears the land of dust.

The relationship between Gilgamesh and Utnapishtim is which archetypal role?
a) mentor-mentee
b) unhealable wound
c) temptress-tempter
d) water vs. desert

The archetype represented by the flood myths studied is
a) Unhealable wound
b) fire vs. ice
c) light vs. dark
d) water vs. desert

What are the four phases of Joseph Campbell's Heroic Journey model?
a) Departure, Rapture, Resurrection, Return
b) Call to Adventure, Crossing the Threshold, Tasks/Allies/Enemies, Reward
c) Departure, Land of Fulfillment, Return, Restitution
d) Good vs. Evil, Temptress, Threshold Guardian, Mentor-Mentee

What happens in the departure phase of the hero's journey?
a) Call to Adventure
b) Crossing the Threshold
c) Meeting the Mentor
d) All of the Above

In the return phase of the Hero's Journey, the character must
a) become a master of two worlds
b) find the ultimate boon
c) seek resurrection
d) cross the threshold

Tests/Allies/Enemies are all encountered during the _______ phase of the hero's journey.
a) departure
b) land of fulfillment
c) return
d) restitution

The ancient Greek celebrations in honor of Dionysus reflect the
a) prehistoric past
b) historical value of the Greek society
c) Egyptian hieroglyphics etched in the theater stone
d) the beginnings of modern drama

The job of the ______ in Greek drama was to recall and interpret past events, comment on the actions of the characters, and foretell the future.
a) choragus
b) seer
c) Oracle
d) Chorus

Oedipus the King is considered
a) a Greek tragedy
b) a Greek comedy
c) a Greek history
d) a Greek romance

Greek tragedy presents the philosophy that
a) only kings and priests understand how to please the gods.
b) one must accept free will.
c) people who do wrong or flout the laws of the gods will be punished by Fate.
d) life is not worth living.

In Oedipus, the concept of blindness is a
a) parable
b) preamble
c) paradox
d) personification

The ancient Greek plays were attended primarily out of
a) religious obligation
b) entertainment value
c) work related requirement
d) as a social and political function

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