WWII Europe/ Pacific 1941-1945 Question Preview (ID: 2259)

WWII Europe/ Pacific 1941-1945.[print questions]

Which Allied country’s forces arrived in Berlin first?
a) England
b) USA
c) Soviet Union
d) Italy

Where did the Battle of the Bulge take place?
a) Belgium
b) Germany
c) Soviet Union
d) Japan

What was the code name for the Allied invasion of Europe?
a) Operation Overlord
b) Operation Watchtower
c) Operation Bagration
d) Operation Typhoon

Which country was the site of most of the Nazi extermination camps?
a) Rhineland
b) Germany
c) Soviet Union
d) Poland

What was the major goal achieved after the Battle of the Bulge?
a) Russia entered the war
b) It forced Italy to surrender
c) It stopped Hitler’s last offensive
d) The United States entered the war

Harry S. Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on what two Japanses cities
a) Tokyo and Honshu
b) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
c) Shantung and Honshu
d) Tokyo and Nagasaki

Trumans decided to drop the Atomic Bomb because
a) Russia was losing the war in Eastern Europe
b) The Americans were losing the war in Europe and in Japan
c) It would save countless American lives if they decided to invade the mainland of Japan
d) The Japanse were winning the war and threatening to drop one on American soil

Hitler decided to committ suicide when
a) The Americans entered Berlin and threatened to take him prisoner
b) The Soviets entered Berlin
c) The Italians surrendered to the Americans
d) Mussolini killed himself

Mussolini met his demise in 1943 when
a) The Allies invaded Sicily and his own people arrested him eventually executing him
b) The Soviets invaded Itlay and captured him trying to flee the nation
c) The Italians flipp flopped and he surrendered to the Americans
d) The war was over he went into exile and died on the island of Elba

The 101st US Airborne division landed behind enemy lines before D-Day to
a) Unite with other British Forces entering France
b) Surprise the Itlalian forces stationed in Normandy
c) Take out strategic German positions firing on the shores of Normandy
d) Land on the Beaches in Normandy

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