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Island Country located in Africa
a) Ethiopia
b) Madagascar
c) Mozambique
d) Swaziland

Two Countries that are surrounded by South Africa
a) Sierra Leone and Nigeria
b) Lesotho and Swaziland
c) Sudan and South Sudan
d) Ethiopia and Egypt

Country located directly Below Egypt
a) Sierra Leone
b) South Africa
c) Sudan
d) Uganda

Country located directly below Sudan
a) Egypt
b) Uganda
c) Ethiopia
d) South Sudan

Country located directly above Kenya
a) Ethiopia
b) South Africa
c) Uganda
d) Sierra Leone

Country that is separated from Madagascar by a channel
a) Egypt
b) Mozambique
c) Nigeria
d) Sierra Leone

Country located in Central Africa that is home to the Congo River
a) Democratic Repub. of Congo
b) Lesotho
c) Egypt
d) Sierra Leone

Small Country located in West Africa
a) Sierra Leone
b) Uganda
c) Sudan
d) Kenya

Country located below South Sudan, west of Kenya
a) Uganda
b) Ethiopia
c) Sierra Leone
d) Nigeria

Large Country located in West Africa
a) Nigeria
b) Ethiopia
c) Swaziland
d) Egypt

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