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Streams with steep gradients have a(n) ______ velocity than those with gentle gradients.
a) greater
b) lesser
c) average
d) none of these

Streams cause erosion by:
a) hydraulic action.
b) abrasion.
c) sedimentation.
d) hydraulic action AND abrasion.

When a stream meets a large body of water it forms a(n)
a) base level.
b) flood plain.
c) levee.
d) alluvial fan.

The decrease in gradient of a river causes a stream to deposit its sediments
a) True because the river slows down.
b) False because the river erodes more.
c) True because the river speeds up.
d) False because the river stays the same speed.

Sediments that are too large to carry and do not move continuously are called the:
a) bed load.
b) dissolved load.
c) suspended load.
d) back load.

A triangular-shaped deposit of sediments that form where a river meets standing water is a(n):
a) delta.
b) flood plain.
c) levee.
d) alluvial fan.

Sediments carried as solids in a stream are the:
a) bed load.
b) dissolved load.
c) suspended load.
d) back load.

______ erode fine-grained sediments from the continental slope and deposit them on the continental rise.
a) Turbidity currents
b) Long shore currents
c) Tidal currents
d) Land currents

The intermittent movement of bed load particles is known as
a) delta.
b) saltation.
c) suspended.
d) competence.

Acid rain is formed when water combines with
a) water.
b) oxygen.
c) carbon dioxide.
d) all of the above.

Limestone dissolves
a) easily.
b) with difficulty.
c) not at all.
d) only in tropical areas.

_________ form as calcium carbonate drips onto the the floor of a cave.
a) Columns
b) Stalactites
c) Stalagmites
d) Soda straws

When a stalactite and a stalagmite merge, they can form a:
a) sinkhole.
b) cave.
c) column.
d) cavern.

Stalactites and stalagmites are made from ___________ weathering
a) chemical
b) mechanical
c) a combination of chemical and mechanical
d) neither type of

To make carbonic acid, carbon dioxide combines with
a) water.
b) rust.
c) iron oxide.
d) copper.

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