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If a person walks with a limp, they.....
a) walk fast
b) walk slow
c) have a hard time walking
d) walk in circles

If you were keen on doing something, you would be....
a) not so ready
b) very ready
c) scared
d) shy

What does flexible mean?
a) someone who is rude
b) a comedy show
c) stiff
d) able to bend, bendible

If I distribute gifts to children at Christmas, I will....
a) buy them
b) take them
c) receive them
d) give them out

If something happens instantly, it happened....
a) later
b) tomorrow
c) right now
d) next year

define embrace
a) cast
b) braces
c) pillars
d) hug

Define Equip
a) a smart remark
b) like a cotton swab
c) supply or give stock too
d) a big truck

To throw or force something out would be to....
a) eject it
b) swallow it
c) cover it
d) smell it

To be unclear about something is to be....
a) muddy
b) stuck
c) confused
d) bandaged

I will ALTER my dolls clothes means too.....
a) change
b) color
c) remove
d) buy

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