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The temperature at which water freezes enables water to exist in which two forms on Earth?
a) freshwater rivers and saltwater oceans
b) liquid oceans and solid glaciers
c) atmospheric vapor and cloud droplets
d) water in soil and water in plants

What type of landform is most likely formed by a divergent tectonic plate boundary?
a) island arc
b) oceanic trench
c) rift zone
d) folded mountains

A reverse fault occurs when one side of a fault plane is driven up over the other side. Reverse faults can cause which of these landforms?
a) deltas
b) mountains
c) dunes
d) islands

Crustal plates that pull apart from one another most likely form
a) volcanic island arcs.
b) strike-slip faults.
c) oceanic trenches.
d) rift zones.

Mountains are most likely formed
a) when glaciers melt.
b) from earthquakes.
c) when land sinks.
d) along tectonic plates.

The surface of Earth is composed of large tectonic plates that are constantly shifting as they float on top of molten rock. Which process must occur in the mantle to make the plates move?
a) normal faulting
b) seafloor spreading
c) igneous intrusions
d) convection currents

In 1785, James Hutton, stated that evidence of past occurrences can be used to explain events which happen today. Which could most likely be used to explain an event in the geologic past?
a) sunspots
b) earthquakes
c) wave patterns
d) cloud formations

Which event most likely takes place as the result of crustal movement along transform boundaries?
a) earthquakes
b) volcanic activity
c) mountain building
d) trenches

In what section of Earth do earthquakes happen?
a) crust
b) mantle
c) inner core
d) outer core

The islands in the mid-Pacific Ocean region were formed from
a) land subsidence.
b) deposion from currents.
c) wind and water erosion.
d) volcanic activity.

The theory of plate tectonics provides the current explanation for the way in which
a) stars change.
b) continents move.
c) rocks are formed.
d) tides are produced.

Which is the best explanation why the remains of a small reptile living millions of years ago have been found only in Brazil and South Africa?
a) subduction
b) plate tectonics
c) mass extinction
d) converging boundaries

Before strip mining for coal, the topsoil in the area is removed and stored. After mining operations are completed, the land is leveled and topsoil is replaced. The purpose of replacing topsoil is
a) to prevent wind from weathering and eroding surface coal.
b) to prevent radioactive elements from polluting water sources.
c) to provide an environment for new coal formation.
d) to restore the area to a natural condition.

Soil erosion can be best prevented by
a) removing grass from the steepest slope.
b) building terraces into the sides of a slope.
c) heavily watering the vegetation on the slope.
d) increasing the slope of the land by adding more soil.

Landscapers frequently plant grass on steep hills in the yards of new housing developments. Which statement best explains how grass can help conserve the soil?
a) The grass provides shade so the soil stays cool.
b) The grass attracts insects that enrich the soil by laying eggs.
c) The roots of the grass spread out and hold the topsoil in place.
d) The roots of the grass protect the soil from the effects of acid rain.

Of the choices listed, what is the best way to conserve water in a home?
a) take long showers
b) run a half full dishwasher
c) let the water run while washing the dishes
d) turn off the water while brushing your teeth

What is the main source of energy that drives all weather patterns?
a) the Sun
b) oceans
c) the Moon
d) mountains

What is the main source of energy for the water cycle?
a) the Sun
b) fossil fuels
c) clouds
d) the ocean

Using solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity may help slow the depletion of which resource?
a) sunlight
b) water
c) coal
d) copper

Turning off the light when leaving a room is an example of
a) conserving energy.
b) wasting energy.
c) using potential energy.
d) using chemical energy.

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