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R35 Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party blamed Germany's economic depression mostly on whom?
a) Jews
b) Americans
c) Fascists
d) Christians

R36 World War II in Europe began in September of 1939, when France Britain declared war on Nazi Germany. They did this because Hitler's Germany invaded what eastern European country?
a) Belgium
b) Poland
c) Austria
d) Czechoslovakia

The majority of Germany supported the Nazi Party because they promised to…
a) Kill all the Jews in Europe
b) Conquer Poland and France
c) Improve the economy
d) Form an alliance with the United States

R34/35 How did the Versailles Treaty affect Germany?
a) Germany gained a large portion of territory from Russia in the east.
b) Germany experienced economic growth most Germans were happy.
c) Germany was forced to become a communist country.
d) Germany experienced high unemployment and suffered the negative economic effects of inflation.

R31 Which of the following countries were members of the Central Powers during World War I?
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) Germany
d) Great Britain AND France

R34 Which of the following was NOT one of the terms of the Versailles Treaty?
a) Germany had to give up all war materials reduce their army to 100,000 men
b) Germany had to pay reparations to the Allies
c) Germany had to execute (kill) all remaining generals
d) Germany had to give up some land to the Allies

Which of the following best describes World War I?
a) trench warfare, new weapons technology, high death rates
b) trench warfare, but very low death rates
c) advanced technology like jets blitzkrieg fighting techniques
d) nuclear weapons were used for the first time

R31 What was the immediate cause of World War I in Europe?
a) The invasion of France Spain by Germany to stop the spread of communism.
b) The assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a group that feared Austria-Hungary would takeover Serbia.
c) The British bombed German factories to prevent military buildup.
d) Hitler invaded Poland because Germans were being mistreated there.

R33 Russia had been ruled by Czars for almost 400 years. The Russian Revolution occurred in 1917. How did this change Russia?
a) It became a communist country with a command economy.
b) It became a capitalist country with a market economy.
c) It became a socialist country with a traditional economy.
d) Everyone became wealthy.

R32/33 The Czars of Russia had complete power over their subjects could even have people killed. Most Czars became Czar, not through being elected by the citizens, but because their father was the previous Czar. Czarist Russia is a great example
a) oligarchic
b) republican
c) democratic
d) autocratic

R31 Which of the following conditions existed among European nations prior to (before) the outbreak of World War I?
a) colonialism/imperialism
b) nationalism
c) militarism
d) all of the choices are correct

R26 Why did the Kings Queens of Europe send missionaries to their colonies after the Age of Exploration?
a) to set up agricultural plantations
b) to set up defensive fortifications to protect secure the colonies
c) they already knew the native languages
d) to convert the indigenous or native populations in the colonies to Christianity

R26/27/29 How did possessing colonies in the America's, Africa, Asia benefit/help the nations of Europe following the Age of Exploration?
a) colonies gave them more natural resources to use profit from
b) possessing colonies made war impossible
c) possessing colonies made European countries economically weaker
d) possessing colonies gave European countries more people to convert to Islam

R27 This member of the Portuguese royal family built a school for sailors sponsored many voyages of exploration along the western coast of Africa.
a) Queen Isabella
b) Prince Henry the Navigator
c) King Ferdinand
d) Prince William the Explorer

R29 Which of the following European nations did NOT establish colonies in the America's?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) England
d) Italy

R26/27 What was the primary or main cause of the Age of Exploration?
a) To spread orthodox Christianity to the people of Africa.
b) To prevent Muslims from claiming new land.
c) To find water trade routes to India the far eastern parts of Asia.
d) To find undocumented animal plant life.

R36 Which term is commonly used to describe the efforts of Nazi Germany, led by Adolf Hitler, to systematically exterminate the Jews of Europe during World War II?
a) The Black Death
b) The Holocaust
c) Kristallnacht
d) Lebensbraum

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