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Which best explains fighting in the Southern colonies during the end of the American Revolution
a) Fighting in the Southern colonies was minimal
b) Brutal attacks by loyalist gangs add to patriot support
c) Weather conditions proved difficult

Which was NOT a term of the Treaty of Paris?
a) Britain recongnzes the U.S. as an independent nation
b) set up borders for the U.S.
c) Native American Tribes on the side of the Patriots retain their lands
d) loyalist are to be repaid for damaged property

After the Continental Army's victory at Saratoga
a) the French became an open ally of the Patriots
b) Americans lose hope
c) Washington retreats to New Jersey
d) The war is over

Which is in chronological order?
a) Saratoga, Yorktown, Treaty of Paris
b) Bunkerhill, Yorktown, Delaware crossing
c) Cowspen, Declaration of Independence, Boston Massacre

French officer who brings trained troops to the Americas
a) von Steuben
b) Benidect Arnold
c) Cornwallis
d) Lafayette

British General at the surrender of Yorktown
a) Burgoyne
b) Clinton
c) Cornwallis
d) Howe

Year of the Declaration of Independence signing
a) 1775
b) 1776
c) 1777
d) 1778

Which is not a border of the newly formed United States?
a) Mississippi River
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) GreatLakes
d) Rocky Mountains

The patriots hoped that the Native American tribes would stay neutral. Most of the tribes involved in the conflict side with
a) Patriots because they have better chance of winning
b) British, because the British show more promise of fair treatment towards tribes
c) George Washington, because he is a strong leader
d) Cornwallis because he gives them more land

Paine writes of a -summer soldier- and a -sunshine patriot- in the Crisis. These are soldiers who...
a) leave the army during tough times
b) stay in the army no matter what
c) help bring laughter to the troops
d) fight in the south only

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