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Compared with the sand on a low energy beach, the sand on a high energy beach will be
a) a mixture of minerals, rock fragments, and shells.
b) mostly shells.
c) mostly hard minerals like quartz.
d) It's impossible to say.

The problem with groins is
a) they starve the beach down-current of them of sand.
b) they starve the beach up-current of them of sand.
c) they are easily taken out by a rogue wave coming in perpendicular to the shore.
d) they are often knocked down by long-shore currents.

A length of sand that connects to land and extends into the water with a hook at the end is a
a) spit.
b) tombolo.
c) barrier island.
d) groin.

A shoreline's first line of defense against hurricanes is
a) beaches.
b) lagoons.
c) spits.
d) barrier islands.

A long, narrow bar of sand that forms parallel to the shore by waves transporting sand is a
a) beach.
b) groin.
c) barrier island.
d) spit.

The erosion of a sea arch can form this.
a) Cliff
b) Sea stack
c) Beach
d) Sea wall

A long, narrow pile of rocks built perpendicular to the shoreline to keep sand on the beach.
a) Groin
b) Seawall
c) Sea stack
d) Breakwater

Shorelines are often straight because
a) waves come in parallel to the shoreline.
b) longshore currents erode in a fairly straight line.
c) waves come in perpendicular to the shoreline.
d) wave refraction concentrates or disperses energy.

Much of the work of erosion at a shore is done by
a) longshore currents
b) waves
c) rip currents
d) rivers

Waves that spread the sediments along the coastline create
a) cliffs.
b) beaches.
c) plateaus.
d) caves.

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