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During the war women did many things to support the revolutionary cause. Which is an effect the war had on women after the war?
a) they achieve the right to vote
b) they were seen as equal to men
c) they begin to speak out about rights
d) they received equal pay for work

Writer of the Declaration of Independence who borrowed many ideas from the Enlightenment period and John Locke
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Benidict Arnold
c) George Washington
d) Ben Franklin

Which is a reason the battle of Saratoga is important to the American Revolution
a) It was the end of the war
b) It ended the British threat to the Southern colonies
c) It allowed the Continental Congress to remain in New York
d) French become open allies

The American Revolution ends at the Battle of
a) Yorktown
b) Valley Forge
c) Saratoga
d) Cowpens

The purpose of government, according to Enlightenment thinkers is to
a) help people make money
b) to protect the rights of people
c) to create rules for people
d) to keep control of people

Which are the unalienable rights listed in the first section of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
b) life, liberty and property
c) the right to have a say in government
d) the right to vote

The first section of the Declaration is reffered to as
a) the grievence section
b) the declaration
c) the preamble

Shortly after the American Revolution which is true of its impact on African Americans?
a) African American males could vote
b) slavery was made illegal in all 13 colonies
c) some states outlawed slavery
d) African American workers received equal treatment and protection under the law

Influential pamphlet by Thomas Paine's that encourage the idea of separating from England was called
a) Common Sense
b) The Crisis
c) Time to Part
d) Wretched England Tyrant

After the war Native Americans
a) were pushed off their lands
b) were given land back for support
c) were all killed because they all supported Britain
d) Fled to Canada with other loyalist

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