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Does the reproductive system create a new organism?
a) Yes
b) No

How much DNA will you have from your parents?
a) 75% from your mom and 25% from your dad
b) 100% from your mom and % from your dad
c) 50% from your mom and 50% from your dad
d) 55% from your mom and 45% from your dad

Where does fertilization occur?
a) Fallopian tube
b) Vagina
c) Uterus
d) Ovary

What are the only two examples of haploids?
a) Ovum and mitocondia
b) Sperm and ovum
c) Bacteria and sperm
d) Ovum and bacteria

What are haploids?
a) Cells that have more than half the DNA of other cells
b) Cells that only have half the DNA of other cells
c) Cells that don't have any DNA
d) Cells that have quadruple the amount of DNA compared to other cells

What is the main function of the male reproductive system?
a) Store and transport ovum
b) Allow for movement of the body
c) Create estrogen
d) Create sperm and deliver it to the ovum

What is the male sex cell that has half the DNA of other cells?
a) Zygote
b) Sperm
c) Ovum
d) Testis

What are two facts about ovum cells?
a) Eggs are cells and they only have half the DNA of other cells
b) Eggs are cells and they have all the DNA to create another organism
c) Eggs are not cells because they only have half the DNA
d) Eggs are not cells because they are a small organism

After an ovum is fertilized, where does it go to continue development?
a) Vagina
b) Uterus
c) Fallopian Tube
d) Ovaries

What is the name of the process that creates new offspring?
a) Breathing
b) Respiration
c) Heridity
d) Reproduction

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