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Plants are _____ because they use the sun's energy to PRODUCE carbs
a) producers
b) consumers
c) decomposers
d) leeches

Processes that require oxygen are called __________.
a) anaerobic
b) breathing
c) aerobic
d) .

Processes that DO NOT require oxygen are called ________.
a) anaerobic
b) breathing
c) aerobic
d) .

________ is always the first step in DESTROYING molecules of SUGAR.
a) Cellular respiration
b) Fermentation
c) Suffocation
d) Glycolysis

This process allows plants to use the sun's energy to produce carbohydrates
a) Cellular respiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Exercise
d) Chloroplasts

Green plants are ______________ because they produce their own food.
a) autotrophs
b) heterotrophs
c) edsontrophs
d) koehlertrophs

You are a _____________ because you have to eat other organisms; you can't produce your own food.
a) edsontroph
b) koehlertroph
c) autotroph
d) heterotroph

The most commonly used energy molecule is:
a) ADP
c) AMP
d) ATP

This is most common sugar; it contains 90X as much energy as ATP
a) Glucose
b) Lactose
c) Fructose
d) Faketose

Proteins that make the cell's chemical reactions go fast enough to keep us alive are called:
a) proteins
b) carbs
c) enzymes
d) food

Light absorbing molecules that gather the sun's energy are known as:
a) pimentos
b) pygmies
c) pogo sticks
d) pigments

_____________ is the MAIN pigment in GREEN plants.
a) redphyll
b) bluephyll
c) doctorphyll
d) chlorophyll

The rate (speed) of photosynthesis is affected by temperature, _____, and water
a) flight
b) might
c) sight
d) light

Human beings are ______ because we CONSUME other organisms.
a) consumers
b) producers
c) hungry
d) sleepy

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