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What is the weakest agent of erosion?
a) water
b) wind
c) gravity
d) grass

This is the process where wind removes surface material
a) beach
b) loess
c) sand dune
d) deflation

fine, wind deposited sediment
a) deflation
b) loess
c) sand dune
d) beach

a deposit of wind blown sand
a) sand dune
b) deflation
c) loess
d) split

Name two features created by wind.
a) sand dunes and beach
b) deflation and spit
c) sand dunes and loess
d) spit and loess

Which of the following landforms are created by waves.
a) loess, beach, deflation, sand dune
b) spit, loess, beach, deflation
c) sand dune, loess, beach, spit
d) sea stack, beach, headland, spit, sea cave

part of the shore that sticks out into the ocean
a) beach
b) spit
c) headland
d) long shore drift

a beach that projects like a finger out into the water
a) spit
b) beach
c) loess
d) deflation

beach sediment that moves down the beach with the current
a) loess
b) long shore drift
c) beach
d) headland

area of wave washed sediment along a coast
a) beach
b) headland
c) spit
d) long shore drift

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