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World War II in the Far East first began with
a) Germany's invasion of Siberia
b) Japan's invasion of Manchuria.
c) the capture of Singapore by the British navy.
d) Japan's assault on Pearl Harbor.

The Bataan Death March occurred in
a) the Philippines
b) Corregidor.
c) the Soviet Union.
d) North Africa.

A key to the American success at Midway was
a) the use of new sonar and radar technology.
b) the use of long-range B-25 bombers launched from aircraft carriers.
c) American submarines.
d) breaking the Japanese Navy’s secret code.

I am the Emperor of Japan during WWII
a) Tojo
b) Yamamoto
c) Hirohito
d) Shizakaku

Turning point in the Pacific War
a) Iwo Jima
b) Midway
c) Saipan
d) Guadacanal

The tactic used throughout the Pacific to win the War
a) Island Hopping
b) Island jumping
c) Dog Fighting
d) Island sliding

I was killed over the skies of Midway turning the tide of the war in favor of the American
a) Tojo
b) Hirohito
c) Yamamoto
d) Shizakaku

The main reason why Japan invaded Pearl Harbor Dec. 7th 1941
a) The Americans cut off their lifeline to expansion, oil,tin, rubber, steel
b) The Americans Kicked them out of the League of Nations
c) Wilson refused to give them Manchuria in 1918
d) Russo- Japanese War

The Americans needed Iwo Jima island because
a) The island was the headquarters for Yamamoto
b) The island was rich in natural resources
c) It provided them with an airforce base and landing strips to launch invasions on Japan
d) It was the sacred home of Confuscious

This was the secret mission devised by a submarine commander
a) Doolittle Raids
b) Saipan Invasion
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Iwo Jima

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