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Which of the following is a tangible benefit of purchasing a surfboard
a) It is the most popular brand on the market.
b) It gives you the opportunity to join a surfing club.
c) It allows you to spend time with your friends at the beach.
d) It has a wrist strap to keep it connected to you in the water

A stadium deciding to place messages and team logos on electronic boards is an example of selecting
a) event signage.
b) media usage
c) sponsorships
d) network support

How do sponsors typically use signage at sports events?
a) As promotional tools
b) As safety reminders
c) To provide directions
d) To prohibit behavior

To obtain the most exposure during a sporting event, the best logo placement opportunity for businesses is on
a) race cars.
b) golf balls
c) swimsuits
d) footwear

What is the advantage to a business of placing signage on the outfield stadium wall during a televised professional baseball game?
a) Ensures higher sales
b) Lowers promotional expenses
c) Provides free publicity
d) Increases brand awareness

A soft-drink manufacturer is a sponsor for a professional baseball team. Which of the following signage placement options would provide the most exposure to the manufacturer's products:
a) Rear entrance of stadium
b) Interior wall of the outfield
c) Next to concession stands
d) Backside of the scoreboard

What is a primary consideration for fans who are attending a professional football game in a large city?
a) Availability of parking space
b) View of the city from stadium seats
c) Accessibility to souvenir stands
d) surface of athletic field

A stadium designed with more female rest rooms than male rest rooms is responding to which of the following customer expectations.
a) Adequate facilities
b) aesthetics
c) dedication usage
d) sense of safety

When attending a sporting event, most fans expect that the facility will provide them with a(n)
a) learning situation.
b) winning experience.
c) safety environment.
d) ordinary performance.

Which of the following factors is most likely to cause people to not want to return to the annual fireworks show that attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the downtown area:
a) public transportation
b) nearby accommodations
c) traffic
d) parking fees

When prices go up or down, the change can affect how much of the sport/event product customers purchase. This is a general of
a) elasticity
b) market segmentation.
c) smoothing
d) total cost

Why might a sport/event organization price entry fees for a marathon below the normal rate?
a) To establish their event as luxury
b) To encourage maximum participation
c) To create profits
d) To meet competitors prices

Which pricing strategy sets prices lower than those of the competition?
a) Smoothing
b) stretching
c) penetration
d) skimming

Which of the following is a company-focused pricing objective for sport/event products:
a) Offering the most discounts to customers
b) Offering the lowest prices
c) Enhancing image
d) Achieving a price customers feel is fair

Wintergreen Ski Area knows that the area will be most successful if it bases its pricing structure on
a) costs associated with renovations.
b) what the market will bear.
c) total cost of the experience.
d) inelastic demand for skiing.

Ticket prices for the World Series increase dramatically, but all the games still sell out. The price change had little to no impact on sales. This is an example of __________ demand.
a) inelastic
b) unitary
c) smoothing
d) elastic

The additional cost of paying for parking and buying refreshments and programs is part of the overall ____________ of attending a concert.
a) benefit
b) price
c) goal
d) value

Yield management is a way that sport/event marketers address product pricing issues when they want to maximize revenue but have
a) below-market stock value.
b) unallocated resources.
c) limited capacity
d) few distribution intermediaries

To attract visitors at times of the year when the demand is typically low, an amusement park charges less money for admission. What pricing strategy does this situation exemplify?
a) Scaling the house
b) Ticket bundling
c) Seasonal pricing
d) Price skimming

In sports and entertainment marketing, the concept of price includes not only the cost of a ticket to an event but also the
a) value of the overall experience.
b) quality of the media advertising.
c) elements of the marketing plan.
d) location of the facility

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